Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


5. Chapter 5 <3

At The Bahamas

I walked of the plane, letting the hot humid weather radiate against my skin. It was cold back in Georgia. Me and jay collected our luggage, got into a taxi and arrived at a 5 star hotel. "Jay, you didn't have to go to some much of an extent for our holiday" I whined. I hated him spending money on me. I hardly had any money so i felt like crap not able to treat him like he does me. 


He kissed my lips gently. "Don't whine baby. You'v always said you'd love to come to the Bahamas and be treated like a queen. Thats exactly what im doing" He beamed wiggling his eyes brows at me. I blushed as i grabbed onto his face and gave him a long passionate kiss. 


We soon got our key to our room. 'Penthouse' I reed on the key in my hands. I shuck my head giggling. This boy really does love me.
I opened the door in amazement. The penthouse was stunning. Everything so big and open. Our room, lounge and dinning room had full sized windows opening out onto the dazzling view.

( )


My hand clasped my mouth as i looked into our master bed room. It was decorated red. Streamers and opened wardrobe space. It looked beautiful. I was impressed and pleased with Justins idea of vacation choice. "This is our baby making room" I heard justins voice whisper in my ear behind me. I giggled, gasping and smacked his shoulder. I turned seeing him laughing. "Justin no way!" I laughed placing my things onto the bed and placing them in the cupboards.


"We got to make love somewhere. This place is big enough for us" He winked, wiggling his eyes brows. I blushed. I had never thought about having kids but now i have graduated i have been thinking twice about it. "We will see" I smirked shoving my empty suitcase under the master bed. "I will get your seductive tease, you do know that, whether you like it or not" He threaten, jokingly. I turned winking at him before walking into the bathroom and running the bath. The bath was three times the size of the bath i had at home. It looked welcoming. 


"I'm joining you" I heard a raspy voice and a body splash into the bath beside me. I turned to see justin lying naked beside me in the bath i ran for my self, well, not any more. "Who said you could join" I gasped jokingly, covering up my chest. "I did baby doll and don't had that beautiful body of your's" He whined, moving the bubbles i had placed over my body. I giggled, blushing at him.


"Your to cute" He whispered, peeking my nose with a kiss. "Your to handsome" I giggled, squirting water out of my mouth like a water fall into jays face. He laughed, whipping his eyes and his body lunged at me with a force full kiss as we laughed together. His body on top of mine, cradling me as we were naked. I could feel his manhood floating and every now and then touch my stomach. 


I knew he was starting to get turned on but i wasn't sure whether i wanted it in the bath. I didn't know whether it felt right or not. I pulled him away suddenly as his hands were travelling up my thigh. "Stop jay. Maybe the bath isn't a good place for this to happened" I whispered, catching my breath. He whined like a little child, splashing the bubbles around us everywhere. I giggled.


"Its not as good as it would be in a bed" I tried to convince him. He thought for a sec, but suddenly shuck it. "How would you know? You have never done it in a bath tube before......Unless your not telling me something baby doll?" I winced. He raising his eyes brows. "Okay, fair enough. But if we do it now, your not having it later" I pointed down at him as a grin travelled across his lips. "But what if im horny later" He whined climbing back on top of me and leaving little butterfly kisses on my neck.

I giggled, squirming at his soft touch. "Thats for you to handle for yourself" I smirked, dipping my head under water and lifting it back out, getting attacked by justins lips. 

Our intimate bath tube sex was pretty good. Not as good as bed head sex, but id pass it. I climbed out the bath showing my tanned long legs and physic. Justin soon wolf whistled behind me as i wrapped a towel around my figure. I turned gasping at him before we both burst into fits of laughter. I watched as his head went under water and popped back up, shacking his head side to side making the water on his hair flick everywhere. Up all the walls, mirror and clean towels. I sighed. This guy is still a kid at heart. He is so adorable to me.



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