Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


4. Chapter 4 <3

We arrived up the drive way, Justin parking it right our front the door. "Your parking skills are dreadful" I giggled, looking down at his wonky parking. "Hey! My driving skills are epic" He beamed, smacking my bum lightly making me jump. "Jay!" I whined smacking his forearm. I opened the front door letting us both in. "Hey mom im home" I shouted through the house making it echo. "In the kitchen honey" She shouted back.


"Hey Martha" Justin greeted my mother with a hug. "Hey honey, how was last night you two?" She smiled goofy at me. My cheeks flushed as jay winked my way. "It was beautiful ma" I grinned as i kissed justins lips.


"So you kept the Bahamas a secret..." I hinted down at my mum. She turned and a small smile crept on her lips. "What are you talking about honey" She stuttered, trying to hide the fact she agreed to me going. "Don't lie ma....Thank you for letting me go" I smiled, grasping her into a hug. She hugged back kissing my head. "Any time sweetie" She whispered before we parted.

"Jay? Come help me get this suitcase closed! It won't zip" I shouted in frustration. I heard him come from out of the games room were there was an xbox he bought and was playing on. He bought it for our house so he could play it when ever he came round. It was only me and mum in the house so he knew nobody would damage or break it.


He laughed at me as he saw me jumping on top of the suitcase trying to jam it shut. I sighed. "I told you it won't zip" I screamed. As soon as he grabbed the tag he zipped it with out no sweat. I gulped. "How did you do that?" I whimpered, huffing. He smirked letting a laugh escape.


"These muscles here baby" He smirked, refluxing his biceps. I blushed slightly as i rolled my eyes playfully. He came over to me, pinning me up against the wall. His hands were on each side of my body as my hands hung loosely around his torso. I watched as he licked his lips a couple of times. I bit my lips slowly making him squirm in front of me. 


I knew i was turning him on. I was such a tease to him. "Don't do that. You know it turns me on" He whimpered quietly, grabbing onto my hip bone with force. I fluttered my eyes lashes, tracing my fingertips along the rim of his Calvin Kline boxers. I watched as he bit his lips with force, making it turn pink. I knew he was trying not to break, making me win this seductive tease. "Don't do that. You know it turns me on" I whispered seductively, repeating the exact same words he told me when i bit my lip. 


I watched as his face dropped as i escaped his grip and wondered down the hall way leaving him wanting more. I turned to see his lips quiver a smirk. I giggled as he became speechless, stock in a trance of my seductive tease. 
I always knew his sweet spot. He always tries to win with me, but i seem to have a better touch then he does when it comes to it.


"You can't just leave me hanging char" He whined, entering the games room i was in. Looks like he has finally found his voice, 10 minutes later. I giggled turning to see his baby annoyed face. "You could handle my tease before we had sex. Why not now" I argued, winking at him. "But that was before i found out you was good in bed. I really want you" He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my torso. 


I flushed dark. That was the first time someone had told me i was good in bed, Even thou it was my first time. Who cares, it boosted my confidence. "Ah, Ah! Not now bieber. I have things to prepare for the Bahamas. Maybe later" I winked, gently pushing him away and starting to prepare my hand luggage. 


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