Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


3. Chapter 3 <3

I groaned as i opened my eyes to the beaming sun through the curtains. I rolled over seeing Charley was still fast asleep. I looked at the clock frowning and dug my head into her figure. I was so not a morning person. I hated waking up. If i could all i would do is sleep. 


I soon remember what happened last night. Mine and Charley's first time. I glanced down at her body seeing all she had on was her bra and knickers. I smirked as i lightly snickered to my self. "Why are you snickering?" Charley's angelic voice caught my attention. I looked up into her eyes seeing she was squinting from the bright morning sun just like i was. I smiled as i kissed her stomach, which my head was laying on. 


"Just remembering last night baby doll" I spoke, my voice low and raspy making her cheeks flush instantly and buried her head into the pillow giggling. "Don't hide your face Charley" I laughed making her face reappear and look down at me. "What are you doing under the duvet so low jay?" She asked. "I don't actually know. The sun was hurting my eyes so i buried myself into you and this is where i got to" I laughed making her shake her head and role her eyes, laughing at me. 


"You do worry me sometimes jay" She whimpered shoving my head of her stomach as she rose of the bed. I pouted at her. "Why do i?" I whined as i crossed my arms. "Your just weird sometimes" She giggled, making it echo from the bathroom she was in. I listened as she turned the tap on and started brushing her teeth. "We haven't even had breakfast yet" I shouted through making her stop brushing her teeth. "i'm not walking around talking to you and your mum with morning breathe. No thanks jay" She whined as she continued. I laughed at her insecurity and lifted out of bed.


Charley Moore


"So i thought i could go back to mine and tell mum about what's happening. She's bound to wonder what you did for me" I told justin as we sat around the bar table eating. "Your mum already agreed with letting you come to the Bahamas with me, dont worry char" He beamed dumping his bowl into the sink. 


"You already spoke to my mum about this?" I asked confused. "Of course i did. I didn't want to buy tickets and then you not be allowed to come. I would of been alone in the Bahamas otherwise" He whimpered. I giggled. "Well okay then" I replied, also dumping my bowl into the sink.


"I need to head to mine to change and pack my suitcase" I smiled as justin peeked my lips. "Ill drop you off if you like" "Thank you" I beamed as justin grabbed his car keys and we hopped into his range rover. 


"Are you staying till later or going home jay?" I asked as i fiddled with the radio stations. "Ill stay if you like? I haven't seen you for 4 months because of tour. Of course i want to spend as much time with you as i can" He grinned as i nodded my head. 


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