Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


2. Chapter 2 <3

"Me & You are going for a week to the Bahamas to celebrate baby doll" He laughed once i pulled him into a deathly tight hug. I was so happy right now. "OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I shouted, making myself and jay giggle. He nodded his head repetitively. "I'm being serious" He beamed as i smothered him in kisses all over his face. He soon laughed making me blush. 


"So when are we going to the Bahamas?" I giggled as we swung our hands together back and forth. We were walking back to jays house. "In 2 days time" He smiled making me squeal. " Serious jay?" I beamed showing my white teeth. I still couldn't get over the fact we were going away for the first time together. It would be nice to have some personal time together, having no one interfere with us. "Charley you know im deadly serious" He laughed making it echo in my ears. 


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you jay" I danced as we opened his front door to see pattie smiling by the door frame. "I see you liked your date" She smiled brightly. "Of course i did" I smiled as i gave her a warm hug. "Come on lets go to bed. Its getting late baby doll" He said, pulling me up the stairs with our hands still intertwined together. Me cheeks flushed, making me giggled. His little pet names he gives me are so cute. They literally make my knees weak. He makes me feel so special.


"So our date was successful tonight then?" He smirked as he cradled me. I nodded letting a giggle escape. "You know i loved it jay" I smiled up to him. He suddenly leaned down making our lips touch each others. We were sharing a passionate and gentle kiss making my heart race. I don't how he has this affect on me but its incredible. 


I wrapped my arms around his neck playing with the ends of his hair. He moaned slightly into the kiss. His hands soon slithered down my waist having his fingertips repeat circles on my skin. My breathing suddenly hitched as i started to get goose bumps. The make out session started to get intense making it become more intimate with each other. Half of our clothes were already chucked on the floor from each others bodies.


I tugged onto his belt, un-doing it slowly. "Are you sure your ready" His raspy voice spoke making our lips slightly part from the kiss. 
It was my first time, even though i was 19 years old. The moment was perfect and i felt ready to finally be officially connected with jay.
I nodded my head giving him a smile of consent. He smiled down at me, kissing my forehead before i wiggled my panties down my legs. 


Of course i was nervous. It was my first time, but i was ready and i wanted this. I knew justin did too. He was wanting this for a long time. He was ever so patient and respectful to me about it. 


"If you want me to stop. Tell me okay?" He whimpered as his pace was starting to speed up. It hurt at first but my body soon allowed it making every moment worth it. I was impressed. Saying it was mine and Justins first time. Both of us losing our virginity together in the right moment, at the right time. It was powerful. It was passionate. It was definitely worth it. 


Justin Bieber


I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her right hand grasped on to the bed frame tightly as the other mingled on my skin. She was perfect. This was perfect. We were perfect. Id never change Charley for the world. She meant everything to me. I respected her wishes and commands to the extent that i would be to over protective about it. She was my everything. Id never hurt Charley or even wish to put her in danger. I wouldn't be able to live with my self if i knew i harmed her in any way, shape or form.


I watched as moans escaped her lips. I quickly covered her mouth with my hand. "Baby, you got to be quiet because of mom" I laughed as i removed my hand from her mouth. She nodded, letting a shy, embarrassed giggled escape as her cheeks flushed dark. I winked at her as i grasped on to her hips as i thrusted her.


My peak suddenly came making Charley go into a sudden orgasm. I huffed on air as my body became weak, making it collapse on her body beneath me. I rolled over breathing for air. My forehead was in balls of sweat as i turned to look at her weak, cheeky face smiling at me. 


I laughed, peeking her lips and climbing of the bed. "You joining me in the shower char?"I asked her, walking naked towards the bathroom and turning the shower on. I listened as her feet pattered against the floor towards me. I turned to see her in her gown and her hair was slightly static. I laughed as she tried brushing the static away, only making it worse. "Babe come join me" I whispered in her ear as i peeked her cheek. I grabbed her hand pulling her with me into the cubical.


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