Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


14. Chapter 14 <3


"Sorry i havent updated recently, iv been really busy with college and my boyfriend. I'm hoping to try and get back on track now, so please comment, heart and enjoy! Thank you, you beautiful people! <3 "


 "Ryan! Will you help me with something" I shouted down the tour bus waiting for a reply.  "Sure hold up" I heard him shout as thumps from his footsteps came closer to mine and justins room. He came in giving me a smile. I smiled back sweetly. " Iv got a surprise for jay. I need your help" I beamed excitedly, clapping my hands. He laughed as he sat beside me. I explained everything to him. How i needed him to make some phone calls and get me to the airport as soon as they arrived.


" Thats a great idea! Ill let pattie and scooter know and ill make the phone call " Ryan said before exiting the room. A couple minutes later jay entered the room. I smiled as he came over, grasping my head and planting a warm kiss on my lips. I smiled as i stared into his eyes. " I have to do an interview. Dont go anywhere. Ill be 1 hour tops " He beamed before kissing me one last time and left. 


I sighed with happiness. Time to hit the gym, i thought. I put this on :


" Kenny will you take me to the gym please" I asked sweetly with my sweat bag over my shoulders. " I dont think thats the best idea, do you " He shyly replied. I sighed. " Please? You can stay with me if i cant go alone " I asked him with pleading eyes. He sighed, nodding. "Thank you" I beamed, kissing his cheek before getting in the passenger seat with Kenny driving. 


We soon arrived with not many cars in the parking lot. We walked in, paying for a session and headed for the doors. The gym was covered with guys, only a couple of girls in dotted places. As soon as i entered me and Kenny got stares from the guys and a few glares from the minimum girls. I shrugged it off, heading for the tread mill. I placed my ear buds in my ears before picking up a pace. 


My head was dripping with sweat and the same with my palms. I had been running for half an hour, doing 5 miles already. I suddenly got a tap on my shoulder that caught my attention. I stopped my tread mill, taking my buds out and facing a muscular guy beside me. His brown hair was short a stuck up, sweat also dripping from his arms and face. His eyes seemed pleading. " How can i help you " I asked questioningly. 


He suddenly smiled, showing his teeth. I bit my lip trying to focus on something other then his smile. 'Knock it out Charley!' My thoughts were telling me. " Am i right, your Charley, biebers girl " Hearing him mention justin, made me smile. " Thats right " I giggled as i grabbed my towel to wipe my face. " Your to beautiful to be with someone like him " He scoffed, meaning justin. Thats when i clicked, the guy was trying to hit on me. He was trying to persuade me otherwise. It wasnt working and i hated it when people thought of jay as a low class. It just irritated the shit out of me.


" What's your problem " I spoke snappy, with an attitude. This guy had ticked me off now. I didn't care what he thought any more. His smile turned into a smirk before talking. " You should think about getting with me beautiful " He beamed before grasping my little waist into his arms and squishing me against his chest. I looked deeply into his eyes only seeing lust. My eyes turned into daggers before i found my hand colliding with his cheek. 


I didnt even know this guys name and he already tried hitting on me, especially knowing i have a boyfriend. Can this guy get any low?

I was furious! My cheeks turned red as i escaped his grip and turned to grab my bag. I heard the guy hiss at me before muttering bitch under his breath. I couldnt believe it. I hated it when guys were like that with me. " Pick on someone your own size " I shouted before exiting the gym and slamming the door behind me. Kenny was right behind me, making sure i was okay and if i was hurt. 


All i was thinking about now was how do i tell justin about this? 

I hate keeping secrets and especially about other guys hitting on me. I personally felt bad about it.

Apart of me wanted to tell him and apart of me didnt. This is when i need patties help. She always knew the right thing to do....



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