Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


13. Chapter 13 <3


1 Week Left Of LA Tour



I know justin wont like pattie and mines idea but it had to be done. He needs to come on this tour because he needs his attitude cleaning up. He has gotten himself in so much shit pattie decided to make a deal with his that if he made an effort on cleaning his attitude and changing himself she would bail him out of prison. Obviously he agreed and thats why he is on tour with us. As much as justin and him havent spoken because of his reputation, i am hoping justin will understand and help his pal out. He really needs a good influence like justin to straighten him out. Like i said, i just hope he doesn't freak and disapproves. Well here goes nothing i suppose.....


Justin Bieber


The tour bus door swung open and 2 bags got chucked into the bus, landing on the floor by the sofa. I looked over seeing nobody there at first. Then scooter mum and another body walked onto the bus towards us. The guy had a hoodie over his face, also hiding his figure. "Err whose this?" I asked confused. Scooter looked apologetic before he introduced me. "Its Jason. He is stay with us for a while" Scooter spoke more as a whisper, barely audible. 


My jaw clenched together as my hands bailed into fists. I was gob smacked and incredibly pissed. How could scooter do this? After all he has done and put our family through, he thinks everyone will forgive him and he can come and enter our life's again??!! Think he has got it totally wrong!! In fact he has it all wrong!!


"What?!" I spat in anger. "Sup" Jason suddenly spoke, taking his hoodie from his head and showing his identical self of me. He basically looked like a reflection of me, standing right in front of me. He was my twin brother. He was the complete opposite to me, meaning personality and attitude. He was much of a man whore too. Always getting the girls, drinking, smoking. Basically dossing around and not doing anything decent with his life. Thats what made my blood boil. 


Charley was in utter shock. Her mouth hung open as she stood next to me in confusion. She didn't know about Jason and i wasnt planning on telling her at all about him. He was a bad person and i didnt want her to get involved or even know such a person like him. Thats why he was a secret to her. 


I cringed my eyebrows slightly as her eyes flickered from my figure to jasons. She wasnt able to say a word. " I need air" She whispered faintly before pushing past scooter and Jason, shutting the tour bus behind her. Thats when i exploded and i didnt regret what was about to escape my lips.


Charley Moore


I had to get air. I swear i was hyperventilating. I couldnt believe another figure looked just like justin. Literally every feature justin had, jason had too. How could he not even tell me he had an identical brother? He said he wouldnt keep secrets from me!! This was a bloody big secret! I was so confused and pissed at justin for keeping a secret like this from me. I could hear justin exploding at scooter as his screams got louder. I buried my head into my hands.


I soon felt a hand touch my shoulder, shaking me out of my thoughts. I looked over seeing justin. My first reaction was to hit him. I slapped him around the face in anger and upset. My hand stung from the sensation. I turned my head away from him for a couple of seconds before flickering back to look at him. His face turned red. Anger filling in his eyes making them turn black as i saw his hand rising to my face. I had never seen justin act like this before to me. Not even lay a finger on me but i was obviously wrong. I squinted my eyes shut, expecting a slap in return.


"JASON!" I heard a voice shout loud in shock towards us. I opened my eyes seeing ......Justin? But i thought jay was standing in front of me? WHAT?! My mind was seriously confused that i couldnt tell Jason and Justin apart. "Justin? I thought you was Jason! Jason i thought you was justin!" I said surprised before running over into jays arms. "Dont you ever touch my girl like that again!" Justin spat at Jason harsh-fully. Jasons lips quiver slightly into a small smirk before justin bought me back into the tour bus. All his face shown was anger.


What is happening ? 



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