Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


12. Chapter 12 <3


Justin Bieber

"Hey mom, I was wondering if Charley could be my one less lonely girl tonight? Surprise her?" I whispered to my mum, making sure char couldnt hear what i was saying. A smile spread across my mums face. "Of course sweetie! Good idea! Ill go tell scooter now" She beamed, leaving me in the middle of the hall way. 


I walked over to char, wrapping my arms around her petite waist as she jumped a little in shock. I snickered as she jokingly glared at me, soon removed by a breath taking smile. Her smile was my weakness, she already knew that and she would always tease me about it. She always gets what she wants when she was around me. I just hoped tonight she would actually come on stage and not get stage fright. She always seems to have this fear about people. 


When it comes to new people she isnt very good with communicating with them unless you speak to her first. I already knew that as i was the one that convinced her we were made for each other from the beginning.


Soon i was dragged out backstage as it was time to start the concert. Some of my team helped me gear up with a microphone, hair/make up check and a strap around my waist so i could fly down in my wings. I have been so pumped for my concert all day. The rehearsals went great!


"Are you ready?" I shouted through the microphone just as i was about to go out on stage. The audience went crazy with screaming fans. I smiled and waved as i slowly got lifted down in my wings towards the audience, flashes going everywhere.


Charley Moore


I watched from backstage as jay performed his heart out to his fans. The audience of screams were growing louder by the second. I must say, he knows how to put on a damn right sexy concert. He looked hot in his outfit and his moves were pretty sexy too. I couldnt deny that. 


I tapped and mimicked to the songs as i suddenly got grasped by my arm, making my feet collide together and trail behind......Kenny. "Kenny where are you taking me?" I asked confused. He turned giving me a smile. " Iv got orders sweetheart" He strutted as we were heading for the stage. My eyes bulged big as i realised what he was doing. He was taking me on stage. I suddenly froze on the spot.


"Im not going Kenny!" I shouted over the music as we got rather close to the stage. "Well if your not going to participate, Ill carry you on" He smirked as he lifted me over his shoulder. I gasped for air as i pounded on his back. "Kenny!" "Please Kenny!" I tried shouting as my heart beat started to pound from the nervous of stage fright. I soon found Kenny walking out on stage with me still over his shoulder. I heard the screams and flashes from the audience double in loudness and brightness. I heard justin chuckle through the microphone as he saw me over kenny's shoulder. 


Kenny soon placed me down on the stool in front of thousands of screaming girls. I bit my lips trying to hide the nervousness till i felt a soft pair of lips collide with mine. Justin. I soon relaxed as he could notice my tenseness. I smiled as we parted and he continued the song, singing and dancing around me. The thousands of fans were going wild but my eyes were locked onto jay the whole time. My nervous quickly disappearing. 


"Your perfect to me" He whispered at the end before leaning in slowly, teasing me before gently having our lips touch together and kissed. The crowed was going insane. The screams were ear piercingly loud but i didnt care right now. He held onto my face as i pulled onto his top, making his body come closer to me. This moment seemed perfect.



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