Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


11. Chapter 11 <3


We arrived in LA at 5 in the morning. As soon as we arrived at the hotel everyone went to sleep for a couple of hours. Justin had an interview to attend to at 12 and luckily for us the radio station was only a 5 minute drive from our hotel. I changed into this as i was attending to the interview to, to watch him.

Justin, pattie and scooter where waiting in mine and jays hotel room till i was ready.

"Right guys, leggo!" Jay beamed as he watched me appear in there sight dressed. Jays hand crept into mine as we locked them together. The paps were there usual self, asking questions that were none of their concern. We got into the van and drove round to the back of the radio station. 


I knew what was going to be expected today. People will be asking about my ring, the tour in LA, Our relationship, What plans we have for the future. Its always the same if you ask me. 


The radio station crew welcomed us as we all sat in the studio. Jay on the chair opposite Ryan Secrets. Ryan was the guy interviewing jay. He welcomed justin on the show, asking questions about the tour and answering some questions from the fans off twitter. Soon the questions about me and jay broke my thoughts. Pattie nudged me as she looked over at justin smiling at me. Did they just ask me a question?


"Whats up?" I asked jay confused. "Nothing. I just like to look at your beauty" Jay beamed with a goofy smile as ryan awed down the microphone. "Did you hear that guys, Biebers complimenting Charley over the radio! How sweet is this guy!" Ryan chirped as he laughed. Some fans were in the back of the station watching and listening to the interview. Some had signs of mine and justins names and 'Chartins' written all over them. Chartins is what the fans made up, mine and jays names mixed together. It was pretty cute.


I blushed lightly at his compliment. "So supposedly the ring on Charley's finger is a promise ring?" Ryan asked justin. Justin nodded before answering. "Yes its a promise ring to show that im committed to her and that one day ill hopefully marry her" He smiled happily. I was a little shocked he spoke about marriage. We never really got onto the conversation about that. It was all low key for me and justin. We didnt really want to rush into anything. 


Ryan raised an eyebrow before he nodded. "Thats great JB hope things work out into that one day" He said supportively. "So Selena's tweet..." Ryan began before leaning back in his chair. Justin just nodded, gesturing him to carry on. "What is your response to it" Ryan asks him fully focused. "Like iv said before. She is just jealous and there isnt alot i can do. Nothing is gunna change between me and Charley because of a comment that was just an opinion but hopefully she will see that if she thinks of doing it again it will be wrong and alot of people will dislike her attitude because of it" Justin answered ryan being willing to say how he thinks of Selena's behaviour. 



After the interview we all went out for lunch at a restaurant, not far from the hotel. Pattie was saying how proud she was of justin, handling the situation with Selena's tweet and scooter was rambling on about what we will be doing tomorrow. As far as i recall, tomorrow justin has rehearsals and a concert tomorrow night. He is really pumped up about it and excited to do his first LA show. Something he hasnt done in a long while. 


"Justin, Where is your purity ring?" Scooter asks, breaking mine, justins and patties conversation. My heart sped up. I didnt know how scooter or pattie was going to react about him loosing his virginity. I stayed silent, shuffling my body further back into the seat trying to situate my self out of this conversation.


"About that..." He began as he placed his fork and knife down. "So you too have done it" Scooter asked us waiting for us to clarify it. Justin nodded. "Scooter were sorry it was ju-" I began to speak, trying to make this conversation better but scooter interrupted. "Don't worry. I knew it would happen some day and to be honest you guys have been together a year and i was actually expecting it to be earlier throughout your relationship that it would happen but im glad you guys have made the decision now" Scooter said smiling. I sighed with relief. "I agree with scooter" Pattie spoke up. My cheeks stop flushing as they both agreed it was okay. For a minute i thought there could of been an argument but i was wrong. I was so glad.

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