Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


10. Chapter 10 <3


I did my hair and got my self dressed in this.


Today me and justin were going back to Georgia. Yesterday at the beach was enjoyable. We bathed, layed in the blue ocean and took a ride on a boat. The day was great to finish the holiday of with. I just really didnt want to go home. It was lovely out here. 


I logged on to twitter once we both sat down on the aeroplane. I scrawled through my news feed seeing pictures of me and justin.

 I laughed at some tweets and the others were death threats. Some beliebers were really nice about it and have supported us all the way, ever since we got together. Iv gotten used to the death threats now, thou they did upset me at the beginning of our relationship. Luckily no paps have managed to get a picture of the promise ring on my finger, otherwise the beliebers would be a confused mob. 


Justin has two more weeks of before he goes and does a tour in LA, which i am coming to this time. His last tour i stayed at home in Georgia because it was long. This only last 2 weeks in LA whiles he preforms, interviews, signs books and loads more tour activities he does for his fans. He is so interactive with them and i bless him because of that. We are also going to England, were i am from, for 2 weeks to do the same thing in LA for his fans. I'm so excited. Mum and Pattie are also coming with us when we go to England so then we can see some of our family members down there too.




"Jay! How are you going to tell your fans about this?" I sighed. I was always over reacting about things but this was serious trouble. Pictures from our date two weeks ago when jay gave me the promise ring had some how leaked. I mean, It took them a while to come out to the public which we were surprised about but Selena was being a jealous bitch over twitter. She tweeted @JustinBieber & @CharLeeMoore you haven't even been dating long and your already engaged? Wouldn't surprise me if there is something else coming alone the way either...Way unexpected.


I was fuming. I mean, she literally called me fat. She obviously knew i wasn't pregnant but she was saying it for the attention and to discriminate my appearance. She seriously doesn't know when enough is enough. Especially over one of the most biggest social networking sites either. I was in total disbelief and anger. I could rip that girls head off. 

"Charley, ill sort it. Iv got an interview tomorrow with Ellen so if they ask, which they will, i know, then ill tell them everything then" He told me, reassuring me as he placed a hand on my lower back. I sighed before rubbing my eyes. This past week, coming back from the Bahamas has been a nightmare. My mum has been out at work for days on end and i feel terrible for her,  justin has been stressing about his schedule for tour, telling scooter we need to move things around because he hasn't got much time with me, scooter has been stressing with justin and the rest of the team ect..... We have all just been bamboozled.  I have even started to contemplate whether to stay home instead of tour but i only know ill be home alone as mum would be at work and my friends will have things to do. Its not a win, win situation any more.



"So i heard a little birdie tell me that the ring on your girlfriends finger is a wedding ring....." Ellen said smiling, asking justin. I was backstage whiles justin and Ellen were having the interview together. All night i had been stressing about today's interview, afraid of what people would say or feel. Justin didn't hesitate to answer her. 

"Oh no, no" He began, shaking his head and laughing. " Yes it is a ring, but its a promise ring. A way to show that i am only committed to her for as long as this relationship will lasts. Which i am hoping to be for a long, long time " He smiled, showing his pearly teeth. I smiled as i heard the audience 'awe'. 


"Well indeed that is cute justin. I think everyone can agree. Can we have Charley out to get her opinion on this?" Ellen asked justin. I froze. I hated going out on interviews and talking. I always seemed to stall myself or over talk. I just hated them. Justin nodded as the crowed grew wild. He came back stage, pulling my hand. "Justin! No! NO! Please" I whined, trying to get out of his grip. His smirk on his face grew as my figure landed on his shoulders and he was all off a sudden carrying me on stage.  I kept thumping jays back, telling him to put me down but he insisted i had to do this. I didn't have no choice when i heard the crowed grow loud, having justin carry me to the couch with my ass showing to the audience. I was so embarrassed, like i wasn't embarrassed enough.....


I bit my lips as i cursed under my breathe, sitting down next to justin. I gave a weak fake smile to Ellen. "What was with all the drama you two" She asked laughing over to us as she began again. "Char didn't want to come on stage. She gets stage fright" He laughed hugging my waist tighter. I smacked his chest lightly, feeling my cheeks turn red. He seriously didn't just say that, right? 

Ellen 'awed' so did the audience. I bit my lip harder to try and stop my blush. "Charley, its nice to meet you. We all just wanted to know how you felt when justin gave you this ring" She asked me, looking down at my finger. " Thats quite a rock you have for a promise ring" She winked, not even hesitating to hold her words back. I blushed harder, looking down at my finger and smiled. "What can i say....He really wants this relationship to work. I couldn't be any happier how this has all turned out. I didn't even think we would last this long, but obviously i was totally wrong" I beamed lightly, giggling to escape my nervousness. Jay smiled at me before kissing my cheek. I suddenly felt more relaxed as i layed back into the sofa and finished of answering some question. 


Ellen asked us about Selena's tweet, of course. Justin was the one to answer. I didn't really have alot to say then burst into anger again about her. Thats something i didn't want. "I think she is just jealous by the looks of the tweet. Nothing is going to change how we feel about our own relationship and Selena's tweet is definitely not gunna change anything between us. Of course she is going to cause trouble if it continues but i hope she realises and knows that, that would be wrong of her. " Jay answered Ellen's question truthfully and elegantly. Of course he was mad at her intentions of causing chaos but he couldn't exactly show that out public.


I guess the interview wasn't so bad, thou i had to watch how i answered Ellen's questions. We soon ran backstage, me letting a huge exhale of relief. Scooter and pattie smiled over to us. We obviously handled it well if they are smiling. "Great job guys. I wouldn't of done that any better myself" Scooter beamed patting justins shoulder and side hugging my figure. I smiled up to them both. At least thats over with.



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