Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


1. Chapter 1 <3

I looked down in awe as i followed the trail of red and white flowers on the ground. Jay (Justin) was taking me out tonight to celebrate our 1 year relationship. He had planned on taking me out tonight. He had put red and white envelopes and notes around the neighbourhood in which i had to read and follow his instructions. This is were he has lead me so far, to a parking lot, a park and here. Where i am now, right by the beach. The view was stunning. My dress slightly floating in the air around me as the breeze swirled beneath me. 


Once my feet had landed on the warm sand, i looked up admiring what was in front of me. Jay was standing there in a blue tux and he was standing underneath an open beach hut that had cushions and candles lit every were. My mouth dropped in awe. Him and the date looked extremely breathe taking. 


I couldn't describe how i felt. All i could say was i was extremely flattered at his effort and attempt for us two tonight.
I raced over to him once he saw me in the distance. His arms soon opened for me as he saw me coming towards him. I collided straight into his arms having then wrap tightly around me. My heart fluttered at his touch.
"Omg jay, this is beautiful! I didn't think you would go into so much effort for tonight" I beamed as i tear of happiness rolled down my cheek. 


"Baby, you know ill do anything for you! Especially when its something amazing to celebrate. For example, our 1 year relationship" He whispered in my ear as my back was in his chest. I stood there looking at the beautiful sight. "Lets sit and eat" He spoke, kissing my earlobe as his hand connected with mine and we clambered onto the cushions. 

The whole night was magical. Everything was perfect in my eyes. Him and the date. The beach was breathe taking making it even more magical then it already was. We both shared kisses together. Sweet but passionate. We shared strawberries and chocolate that he would feed me, making my cheeks flush. We joked about and giggled as we layed looking over the horizon together at the red, orange, yellow sky above us. 


We layed there in each others brass, as there was nothing said between us. We just stared above us into the dark sky as we stayed silent, taking in every moment we had together. "I have something for you Charley" His low husky voice breaking the silence between us. I looked over at him as he reached something in his pocket. 


He pulled out a purple velvet box. My favourite colour. He opened it up showing me this stunning purple diamond ring. I gasped as my hands cover my mouth. It was beautiful, everything about it so delicate and etiquette. I looked into jays eyes having a smile of true happiness on his lips. He took the ring out, placing it on my finger. "This is a promise ring. This is to show you that your the one i am committed to, to love, to share and to spend the rest of my life with" He beamed as he cerise my cheek with his soft touch making me melt inside. 


I sighed of relief. Happy relief. I was so over whelmed. I had no words to tell him how happy i was. It was indescribable.
"Jay its beautiful" I whispered, admiring the ring on my left hand. I moved it slightly, letting it sparkle and hit the light around us. 
"Not as beautiful as you" He whispered back before leaning and kissing my lips ever so gently. I let our lips move in sync together as my tongue asked for entrance. He accepted straight away letting our tongues play with each others. 

"I have something else for you" He breathed suddenly, making us pull apart. I looked up into his eyes as he climbed of me. I sat up beside him. "Jay you have already given me enough. I feel my present was worthless now you have smothered me with this fantastic date and pearly ring" I whimpered, looking down into my palms. 

He grabbed my chin making me look into his chocolate orbs. "Your present wasn't worthless. It was thoughtful and sweet and i am grateful with what you have given me" He reassured me, kissing my forehead.


This is me.Charley Moore. A Brunette British teen who is currently living a fantasy dream. 

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