No Way Out

A tour through the prison called my mind


2. Seven Seas Of Sorrow

The tide is coming in, those harsh waves of blood will take you. Don't let yourself be happy, don't let yourself stop and enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes because once you're on the content beach and you feel the warming sun on your neck, the tide is always sure to take you. These bottomless seas will come for you, and you will drown and sink until someone comes to throw you a life jacket, but there will come a time where no one comes for you, and you will be stuck, drowning, dying whilst you watch everyone around you live. I find it funny actually how a person can pretend to care about another, no one truly loves nor cares as they should, and quite frankly for me they shouldn't, I'm a lost cause and if you try and save me from this sea you must be exceedingly cautious,

Because if you abord a sinking ship, you may die along with it.

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