I just wanted to be free

When selena commits suicide it's not as she imagines.. There's no light, not even a heaven as far as she knows, all she knows is that she's sticking around to watch over her best friend.. Demi Lovato and boyfriend Justin Bieber..


2. Chapter three - the finding

Justin's pov -

I came home to all the lights off, I found this weird as selena was scared of the dark.

"SELENA?!" I yelled about to phone her mobile, when I pressed 'phone' I heard her ringtone- Wrecking ball by miley cyrus, it sounded like it was coming from the bathroom but the door was wide open, I ran up the stairs now scared and confused about what was going on, I found her spread out on the floor unconscious and not breathing, I grab my phone calling 911 as I spotted the empty bottle of pills in her hand.. NO! I thought, nononono! This can't be happening to my princess! My perfect princess, I broke down in tears telling the operator what had happened, she sent out an ambulance straight away while I lay on the floor rocking her sobbing into her neck that she couldn't leave me..

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