Daddy where are you??

Kimberly Malik. 18 years old and daughter of Zayn Malik.. though Zayn doesnt know anything about her and she doesnt know about her father.. her mom and Zayn split before she was born.


3. Pool

"thank you.. your not to bad yourself." i joked. he chuckled and looked up at me again but his eyes seemed a deeper blue. he looked down and he slightly brushed his lips from my waist to my mid-thigh. he looked up and smirked."I never got your name.""Kimberly.. Kimberly Malik.""a-as in Zayn Malik?""yeah.""have you ever thought about finding out? like who your dad was?" by now he was sitting next to me."I don't know.. I want to but I'm also scared to..""yeah I know what you mean.." I looked down at my lap."wanna swim?" Niall was already in the pool holding out his hand incase I acepted his offer. which i did of caurse.. who wouldnt its freaking NIALL HORAN!!!!"Niall.. would you want me to see if Zayn's my dad?" I asked as I slid into the pool."well idk.. what do you want?""I honestly dont know..""then do it.." I looked up at him with a slight smile."but how?" I asked."oh yeah.. um.. i dont know why but he thinks he has a kid.. he looked on his ex's facebook page and saw a teen on there and actually it was you.. and you were tagged as Kimberly Malik. if you havent noticed his last name is also Malik.""annnd?" i hinted to continue."well after that he wanted to find out more so he hit up your mom and she said she does have a kid and it is his.." my eyes widened. "WHAT?!?!?? ZAYN MALIK IS MY DAD?!" Niall nodded."I beleive so sweet cheeks." I smiled at the thought about Zayn being my dad."you wanna meet and talk to him?" i nodded."thank you."

    we both jumped out the pool. I walked over to my stuff and wrapped the towel around my torso and so did Niall. I grabbed everything and walked back over to Niall."I'm gonna head to my room if you want to uh get changed there.." i asked blushing a bit. he chuckled."sure.. good thing i brought shorts.. though no shirt." I giggled."I think I can handle that." he chuckled and nodded. so I turned around and startedto walk. I felt a hand connect with mine and I looked down. Niall had connected our hands.

                                                      ~to my room~     (Niall's P.O.V)

    Kimberly was beautiful. But I already know she's Zayn's daughter. Theres a huge resenbulence between them and she looks exactly like the girl we saw on the facebook page. I could tell she was scared and nervous. I was sitting on her bed already 'dressed' but still no shirt. she came out in her pj's. she had on a blue over shirt on which was tied in the back and a pair of blue legging with her hair thrown up in a messy bun. then I was brought out of my thought when my phone rung my ring toon blared threw the silent air. "first class seat on my lap girl. ride in comfortable. you know the words to my song no abla inglish. our conversations aint long-" I could tell I just slightly blushing scene she was giggling. damn Liam and that song. "he-hello?" I said into the phone. "hey Niall where you at mate?" Zayn's voice threw the phone."oh hey Zayn." I emthisize Zayn and winked at Kimberly. she blushed and looked at her feet."Zayn I got a special person here." I could tell he chuckled."who?""I cant tell you.. that would ruin the special part.. duh." Kimberly giggled and walked over to the bed."Niall?" she asked loud enough so Zayn could hear gasp."N-Niall who is it?" he asked more egerly now."you'll fine out in like 2 minutes. we are next door so.. but we cant scene I'm talking to you.""DAMN IT NIALL! THEN HANG THE FUCK UP!" I laughed histericly."byeeeeeeeee Zaynieeee." Kimberly bursted out laughing."bye Niallllllleeeerrrrrr!" then he hung up."ready to meet papa Malik?" I joked. she quickly nodded."well come on love."

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