Daddy where are you??

Kimberly Malik. 18 years old and daughter of Zayn Malik.. though Zayn doesnt know anything about her and she doesnt know about her father.. her mom and Zayn split before she was born.


6. Please don't leave again..

                                                               ~week later~

It's been a week scene I met the boys and they're awesome.. Maggs cried when

she found out that Zayn was my dad and when she met the boys.. we heard for about 2

hours that she told me and that I should have listened to her.. but this is the last day of the

concert thing.. and that means I have to go home and the boys have to leave.. that means

that I lose my friends my boyfriend.. yes me and Niall made it offical that we are a couple..

but the thing that hurts the most that's gonna leave is my dad.. Zayn.. me and Maggie leave

in about 15 minutes and the boys have to leave shortly after..

"so is this goodbye Niall?"

        I said fiddling with my nails.."no.. I swear this is not goodbye.. I love you too much

            to let you  go.. I swear I will get you to be with me forever and I promise that for a fact.. just hold in your beauty for me and don't let a snob get to you.." with that he placed a

kiss on my cheek..

 I walked over to Zayn who was strumming some song on the guitar. It sounded like say something.. in fact it was say something. I couldn't help  but to hum along.. "say something I'm giving up

on you.. I'll be the one if you want me too. Well I am feeling so small. It was over my head I

knew nothing at all." he stopped playing and looked up with glossy eyes."what?" I asked but

already knew the answer.."no.. I'm not leaving you.. I haven't been there for you life as it is

and I'm stopping that now.. I don't care what management says anymore.. I'm not leaving

my daughter here again.." I looked into his eyes and couldn't help but to hug him tightly..

"I love you daddy." I said into his chest."I love you too princess." he gently stroked my hair

and hummed you and I.. damn this boy sings a lot."Kimberly I don't want to leaveeee."


                 Maggs whined from the game room with her legs stretched across Liam's lap.. I guess they gonna become a thing.. great.. I can already tell that there's gonna be band love drama..and

I bet mine and Maggie aren't exactly be sisters after the drama.. I watch toooo much

drama shows lol."Maggs I don't wanna leave either but we... have too.." a tear fell from

my eyes as I said the last part.. I don't want to leave and I don't have to but I need to for mom

and my friends at home and school.. I have a purpose to where I am and I can't

leave that post.. mom needs me and I love everyone to much to just abandon them like

that..I picked up the phone and dialed my mom's number."hola mamá!" yes on

my mothers side we are Puerto Ricans."always had a thing for Mexican girls." My

dad said to himself."papá! we are Puerto Ricans! we are not from Mexico." sorry

I just had to correct him on that it gets on my nerves when people call me a mexican

citizen because I'm not! I know there's not much of a difference but IM Puerto Rican

not Mexican.

"Fine Miss.Puerto Rican." Zayn did a little sassy pose. I just chuckled and

carried on with me and my mom's conversation. "mamá puede yo quiero quedarme con papá?!"

which means 'mom may I please stay with dad?!' or something like that.. I'm not good with

translating."oh mi chica bondad .. tu me está matando ... pero sí se puede. PERO SÓLO UN TOUR!" yayaya! I put her answer on speaker and only me and Maggs knew spanish

so we had a little fun with it."muchas gracias mamá!" which means 'Thank you so muuch

mom.' with that we said our goodbyes and timee to play a trick on the boys and I

guess Maggs got on to what I was doing because we both acted sad.."she said no..." the boys hung they're head low."SIKE SHE SAID YESSS!!!!" They gave us a mixed emotion look.

next thing I know I'm being picked up and spun by Niall."te amo Kimberly." I was shocked.

"you know spanish??""I caught on with a little while we where on last tour."oh well te amo Niall."

which means I love you.

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