Daddy where are you??

Kimberly Malik. 18 years old and daughter of Zayn Malik.. though Zayn doesnt know anything about her and she doesnt know about her father.. her mom and Zayn split before she was born.


4. ooh Niall <3

                                                  Kimberly's P.O.V

    "so Kimberly you got a nickname?" Niall asked as I shut the door."yeah Kimmy or Kim." I said."well can I make my own?""sure Niall.""how about Kiley?" where the hell did he get that."where did you get that?" I asked as we walked up to the door next to mine."Ki-from Kim and ley- from berly." I nodded."smart.. Ni." he chuckled."I like Ni." he said."good because I was gonna cal you that anyways." I stuck my tongue out at him. he leaned forward and... ewwww he licked my tongue!!"eww!" I squealed holding my tongue out my mouth."don't act like you didn't like it.""I don't know where your tongue has been!" he laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. but he got serious and leaned forward to my ear. his hot breathe tingled my neck and sent chills down my back."Kiley your beautiful and I want you." I was shocked of his choice of his words."I know your a virgin and I would be glad to take it.. if you and only you want it." I was highly shocked when he pushed me back into my door and locked the door not breaking the close distance.

    he kissed my collar bone then my neck then my cheek and finely my lips. I hesitated for a sec then kissed back. he glided his hand to my hips and grasped then between his palms making me jump a bit. the kiss got really passionate and he slipped his tongue across my bottom lip for an entrance and I let him him.. our tongues fought a bit and i let him win. his hands glided up and down my waist slowly. Niall picked me up and genitally placed me on the dresser. he stood between my legs and slowly rolled his hips. I could feel the smirk on his face. he slowly picked up the pace. I scooted back to make some room for Niall and I guess he knew what I was doing because he hopped onto the dresser not breaking the kiss. he put his hand on my back lowering me carefully and he followed. he moved his hands to each side of me so he didn't fall. his breathing started to get heavy and i could feel his erection go. god my.. Niall got a boner! he started to sway his hips again, and i enjoyed it..but i never thought about it on a dresser! he moved one hand to my side under my shirt and took it off. before kissing again he smiled at me and kissed me again. I pulled away forgetting about Zayn and meeting him."Ni we have to go." he gave me a pout look and I giggled. I lent up and kissed the tip of his nose."just to let you know Kiley that was amazing.. your a great kisser and you teaser." he winked at me. I giggled."I know.. I could feel." I winked back at him.

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