Daddy where are you??

Kimberly Malik. 18 years old and daughter of Zayn Malik.. though Zayn doesnt know anything about her and she doesnt know about her father.. her mom and Zayn split before she was born.


2. 1st night

     "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Maggie! i love you so much!!!!!" i squealed into the phone."hah love you too!! i was soooo excited that i could bring you to the concert!!" Maggie is my best friend. "so Mags where the One Direction concert?" I asked as I messed with my hair in the mirror."oh yeah.. its tomorrow and at the arena in London.""Mags London is about a day away if driving.""yeah i know but its the closest concert in the next month.. but we are gonna stay for the week..""what motel?""the one... ONE DIRECTION IS STAYING AT!!!!" she suddenly screamed into the phone. my jaw dropped all the way to the floor."I CANT WAIT!"

                                                                   ~Next Day~

     I'm so fucking excited!!!! I threw a weeks worth of outfits plus some bikinis and some party outfits. I quickly jumped into the shower and once I was done i skipped over to my closet and chose an outfit which was a pair of black skinny jeans with a white Jack Daniels crop top that reach to the bottom of my boobs and a pair of white high top converses with grey laces. I tightly curled my hair and applied my makeup which wasn't much it was only eye liner, mascara, foundation, eye shadow and some lip gloss.

     BEEP BEEP. The sound of a jeep horn honked from out front. i quickly glanced at the mirror one last time and grabbed my bag and ran to the jeep."MAGS!""KIMMY!" we exchanged hugs and drove off."so do you think your gonna meet your father?" Maggie asked. she's the one that swears that Zayn Malik is my dad."you and this damn obsession you have with Zayn being my dad!" i  laughed."but wait.. don't you have a crush on Zayn?!" I thought for a second. "yeah..""ewww that would be nasty if you had a crush on your dad." ew that would be weird."shut up." I laughed out.

                                                           ~skip rest of ride~

    By the time we got to the hotel it was 4 am. "ready?" Mags asked."for?""to meet your father of course!" I giggled. we made our way to the front desk as the bellhop boy took our stuff."2 rooms please." Maggie said. I gave her a weird look."what?" she asked obviously aware of my look."isn't that going to be expensive?" I asked not wanting her to spend a lot on me."nah my dad already paid and everything." I nodded."uh room 13 for you and room 59 for you." well I guess im gonna be a floor or two from Mags."wanna go swimming?" I asked as we stepped on the elevator."nah I'm extremely tired but you can.""ok." so I made my way to my room and heard from the room next to mine a loud laughter. haha it was kinda adorable to be honest.

     I opened the door and it was HUGE! there was 1 queen sized bed a bathroom in its own room like it was huge. there was a huge tube that was in a circular form. the walls where a deep red with black crown molding. it also had a 2 sink counter. the sinks where a box shape and there was a toilet in the corner. The bed room like i said had a queen sized bed with a dark oak dresser pushed against the wall with a flat screen t.v mounted above it. the walls were the same as the bathroom a deep red with black crown molding. the dresser really matched and the night stand matching also. there was a small couch that took sat under the window. the window['s frame was pushed back so that you could sit in the small cubby in the wall and so you could look out the window.

    I checked the time and it was 10:30pm.. well I guess no one should be there. I dug threw my duffel bag to fine my white bikini. the top was strapless white top with the matching bottoms. so I peeled off my clothing and changed into the bathing attire. I also threw my hair up in a messy bun and slipped on my black flip flops. I thought the pool would be quiet so I got my beats portable speaker and my iPhone. I left and made my way to the pool, so i hopped onto the elevator and made my way to the pool.

    When i walked in to the pool i was amazed. there was a gym, hot tube, pool and a game room. they where all parted into different rooms and i didn't see anyone in sight so i laid my stuff down and plugged in my phone to the speaker. I scrolled threw my music and found the song. as it came on I started to sing.

Cry by: Alexx Calise

Well I guess it’s been a while 
Since I’ve seen the sunshine 
Since I have smiled 
And me, who’s so well versed 
Is feeling so damn empty 
Is at a loss for words 
Forgot what it’s like 
To just to feel okay 
I’m praying for the day 
When there is no more rain 

And I don’t wanna do anything but cry 
Oh, and I don’t wanna do anything but cry 

    then the door opened and closed. "Hello love you have such a beautiful voice." NIALL SAID!!!"N-Niall?????""yup!" he gave me a big cheeky smile."thanks." I don't know why but i wasn't nervous meeting or seeing him.. it felt like he was just another friend or stranger."no problem love." he said as he walked over to sit next to me. Damn he hottt!"so you coming to our concert?" he asked kicking the water with his feet."yup." he glanced up at me and when our eyes locked it felt like he looked at me like he cared or something. he looked away as his cheeks turned to a light shade of pink. I giggled and he looked at me again. I liked looking into his blue eyes they reminded me of pools of water and the fact that we are sitting next to a pool helps lol. He jumped in and my hand accidentally slid across his chest. i said accidentally!! he popped his head out of the water and wrapped his arms around my waist."your very pretty like I mean drop dead gorgeous." I straight up knew i was blushing big time."thank you.. your not so bad your self." I joked.

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