D.J's not a normal fourteen year old, she has wings and dark powers. But that's all I can tell you. Thank You K.E. Kamiko for the cover!!


1. The Beginning

My name is Daniella Jennifer Rose, but you can call me D.J. When you look at me, you might think I'm just a tall 14 year old girl with dark blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. But I'm special: I have powers, dark powers that no-one else has. I also have wings, black, beautiful and feathery that when  spread they have a wingspan of 6 feet. Once you get to know me, if you ever see me, you'll see that I'm not anywhere close to being normal. But I'll get to that later, right now we’re packing to move to a new house next to a nature reserve in California. Mom says it will give me some space to just be me. Of course that means I’ll have to move to a new school, but either way I won’t make any friends because I can’t risk anyone figuring it out. I don’t know how it all happened, but my mom found me and loved me for who I am. I like animals, music, and my guitar but watch out cause I also have a bad temper and I’m still figuring out the whole “powers” thing.

    “D.J, the movers are done let’s go!” That

“Coming Mom.”I grab my bag and run down stairs excited and ready to go.


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