D.J's not a normal fourteen year old, she has wings and dark powers. But that's all I can tell you. Thank You K.E. Kamiko for the cover!!


5. Fawn

Soaring down to the little speck that is my mom. I land as I notice that same bird following me down to the reserve. It goes out of my mind as I walk over to my mom checking over the animals making sure they are getting on well. She smiles at me as we finish up and walk back up. I never realized how long the walk is and appreciate the flying. As we walk up the green grassy hill, a butterfly comes and sits on my hand. My mom gasps as I look at my hand and it just sits there, it’s just looking at me and I can’t tell why. I shake it off, a little agitated by the sudden following of animals. My mom realizes this and squeezes my hand and lets me fly the rest of the way. I land on the terrace breathing deeply, trying to calm down. Even the slightest bit of anger could set me off, and that frightens me. We eat supper in silence until my mom asks me, “How was your first day of school?” I stare at her for a moment then reply,

“Everyone stared at me like usually,” That was all we said, and I was fine with that. I could tell that my mom and I were tense and that’s why we barely spoke.

    I go to bed feeling a bit strange as usual and fall asleep almost immediately. For the first time in a while I wake up in the middle of the night falling four feet, landing on my bed wide awake. I stand up, trying to calm down, and then I see a small bird pecking on my window looking wide-eyed and rushed. I don’t know why but I open the window and the bird flies in sits on my bed. In a second, she turns into that girl from school gasping like she just ran a marathon. Her hair is light brown and curly, she is short and freckled. I gasp and press myself against the wall. “Sorry for the surprise, but I know another Different when I see one,“ she smiles kindly and I can tell she means what she says.

”What do you mean Different?”

“You do realize that your wings are fully exposed and that you forgot to close your blinds,” she says as she grins and laughs.  I smile for the first time in a while and feel like she’s trustable.

“Is the animal thing what makes you a Different, is that what you called it?”  We talked for half an hour and for some reason I told her everything, even about the levitating and the anger issue. It was too late to go home, so Fawn found a nice tabby cat and slept on my bed as a cat for the night.

In the morning Fawn and I get ready for school and have breakfast together. I introduce her to my mother. She helps me strap my wings so they fit under the coat, and I realize how happy I am with a friend by my side. We hop on the bus and talk about school. Fawn talks to me about how there are two other Differents in school and we are going to make friends with them. She tells me how one of them  is a girl named Arianna and the other is named Jackson,  I’m super excited and we’re going to meet them after school.  School went a little better with a Fawn by my side. I got into a fist fight and she had to stop us both except the whole time I felt like something was holding me back.    

We walked home that day to discuss how we were going to meet the other Differents without freaking them out like Fawn did to me. We walk over to my house and grab a snack before she explains to me what she can do and how she does it. By touching an animal of her choice, she can change into that animal. It’s hard work but she loves it and it makes her feel how it is to be that animal.  Fawn also has a  strong relationship with the animals that makes any animal trust her. Because I am part bird I trust her and thats why she chose to met me first. Fawn then touches a bunny and I fly her over to the reserve to chat about our plans.

    She explains to me how she can sense Differents. They have different brain waves and usually stay out of the group, and I think I might have seen them in school.

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