D.J's not a normal fourteen year old, she has wings and dark powers. But that's all I can tell you. Thank You K.E. Kamiko for the cover!!


6. Arianna

It’s a Saturday morning. I stretch, roll over on the bed and push Fawn in the shape of a golden retriever off the bed. As she lands with a thud, she growls at me.  I  smile. “Today’s the day,” I say. Fawn wags her tail and cocks her head, she almost fools me. I stand up slowly.

“Did I float last night?” I ask. Fawn hops off the bed and turns in a circle, that’s the code for yes, shaking her animal head is no. We walk slowly downstairs as Fawn, now in human form explains to me.

“ You didn’t exactly float, but you had determined look on your face, and you were almost floating. It seemed like you knew what you wanted but-”

“Something was holding me back,” I finished.

“My camera!!” I yelled, grabbed Fawn’s hand, and ran up the stairs. I burst into my room, grab my video camera to look at the recent footage. There it is in proof. I see the concentration on my own face as I slowly lift up not even a foot and then fall back down looking exhausted. We watching the rest of the footage as we eat breakfast and get dressed and ready. Fawn chooses the shape of a bird as we fly down to the reserve to discuss our thoughts and plans of action. Fawn and I come to an agreement while looking over a city map. We go into action-I fly to the nearest area of trees with Fawn the cat inside my bag. Holding Fawn, I knock on the door and Arianna's mom answers.

“ Hi, I was wondering if Arianna was home, I’m from her school.” She says sure with a sweet yet nervous smile and lets us in.

“She’s upstairs. Airy some friends from school are here!” I slowly walk up the stairs. Arianna is in front on me with her light blonde hair in front of her eyes. She turns to me her light blue eyes staring into my dark brown eyes,she stops, puts her hands on her hips nervously and says.

“What are you doing at my house?” She asks timidly.

“Could we talk about it in private?” I ask with a glance over my shoulder.

“Sure, we can talk in here.” I walk in the room  which is  comfortable  with a light happy feel it. There’s something different about it.

“So now can you tell me why you're here?”  She says almost in a whisper.

“We want to know what special power makes you a Different,and if you'd like to join the gang,” I say getting straight to the point

“What do you mean special powers?” Arianna asks with a scared look on her face.

“Fawn and I know that you’re a Different because she senses it.”

“Who’s Fawn?”

“ Fawn, you can come out now.”  I unzip the bag and Fawn, in the shape of a cat walks out, rubs against me, jumps on the bed, and purposely knocks off a small breakable object that’s made of glass and looks like a pair of wings.

“NO!” Arianna yells, and puts her finger to her forehead as the glass stops in mid air and lands straight on the shelf. Arianna forces Fawn on the floor. She gasps as Fawn changes into her normal self and says,

“So you have telekinesis ?”

“M-Maybe, what’s your name?,” she says,“ and what’s you power?” she stammers and points at me.

“ Oh yea that’s right,” I take of my jacket, release my wings, and spread them out to full length. Arianna goes wide eyed.

“They’re real! Can I touch them?”

“Sure, just be gentle.”

Once we got to know Arianna, we found what she could really do. Other than telekinesis, Arianna could control wind, sunlight, and people’s minds. Of course, it took a lot of energy to do this, so she always ended up exhausted.

We talked the whole afternoon and promised that we would meet her at school on Monday. For now, though Fawn and I have to get home and plan for the next day.

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