D.J's not a normal fourteen year old, she has wings and dark powers. But that's all I can tell you. Thank You K.E. Kamiko for the cover!!


2. A New Home

After a 4 hour drive in the moving truck we are driving up into the mountains, where we reach a dense forest with a country house. We drive up to the house and get out of the truck, “ It’s beautiful,” I say as we walk up to the house. Mom opens the door and we walk in. There are wooden floors in the entryway and stairs leading to the second floor with a nice big loft and three medium rooms with one big room. On the left of the hall is a lovely old style dining room connected to the kitchen and the hall, and many other rooms to explore.




After about forty-five minutes, we are just about done with unpacking our stuff into our home. I sigh and fall on the floor exhausted, looking around my room that’s filled with boxes. I decide that I need some fresh air and ask my mom how far I can go. She takes me outside.

“ I would like you to stay hidden in the area of the trees and don’t go farther than the fence of the reserve, after all it’s my responsibility to take care of you and the animals.” she says. I smile, say thanks and goodbye and take a running start and jump off the porch that overhangs the cliff.  I love flying, and I soar down just above the trees and decide I should find out what kind of animals are in the reserve, touching softly on the ground I see animals of all different shapes and sizes. There are turtles, lizards, bears, ducks, snakes, big cats and all types of birds.

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