Pieces of the Puzzle

England is a puzzle, to everyone, ever since the Revolution. Will the allies ever be able to solve it? Or will someone else do it for them?

I own Nothing!
(If England is a bit OCC, I apologise!)


1. Wrath

It was the end of yet another boring meeting, this one was at France's place, so it wasn't too bad Nation-Hopping there. But still, how England wished she didn't have to listen to his innuendos, nobody else noticed them! She was his only target! It was annoying! But anyway, she was home now, at her Westminster Apartment, for the time being, then when she wasn't so tired, she would Hop over to her Manor out in the Countryside, then she could rest and recharge until next months meeting.

At least that is what would've happened, had she not listened to France and attacked him, but England was more or less famous for her short temper, no doubt it would take a lot to actually annoy her to the brink that she would attack and possibly injure a Nation, but France had found the line and crossed it, so here she was, in the Medical room, with a broken arm sitting next to France who was on a bed, with a broken leg, several cracked ribs and a concussion, listening to America going on about how she should've acted and not hurt France, not that she cared France had threatened her roses, the only thing she cherished more than her Tea or Embroidery, even her Books! Everybody knew that to mess with her stuff was to end up in a medical room with twisted ankles and broken arms, but to mess with her Roses, a thing that happened under penalty of severe injuries. Was to incur the wrath of the British Nation, something that was scary enough to make even the most brave of countries run home to their mothers, so when England said in a croaky voice "He threatened my Roses, of his own free will, he did so, you know how much I care for them, the amount of injuries was wrong, this I know. But no-one said that I was lenient to those who are brave enough to incur my wrath." As she finished, she took her cast off, her arm healed, and walked out of the room, Nation-Hopped to her Manor, found her room, and collapsed on the bed, with sleep wrapping it's blissful arms around her, she finally fell asleep. 

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