Pieces of the Puzzle

England is a puzzle, to everyone, ever since the Revolution. Will the allies ever be able to solve it? Or will someone else do it for them?

I own Nothing!
(If England is a bit OCC, I apologise!)


2. Overslept

England was awoken by a rather loud banging on her front door and a shout of "IGGY! The Hero's here to make you get out of your house!" (America, that Git! How are he- wait, what's he mean? The next meeting isn't until tomo- NO. Oh Jesus Fecking Christ NO! I Overslept again! What the HELL!) Quickly, England changed uniforms, polished her boots, brushed the knots out of her hair, did a quick check of inventory and to see if she was missing anything, then she dashed out of the room to the front door.

Opening it quickly, she found America standing on the doorstep in a daze, he blinked several times then looked down to see the slightly panting Brit fully dressed and standing at attention before him. clearing his throat, America looked down and said, "Iggy! Shall we get going then? Don't want to be late do we?" England shook her head, grabbed her keys, stepped outside and locked the door. "Now, this meeting is at your Parliament ain't it?" This time England had enough strength to say "Yes you GIT! And It's "isn't it!" AIN'T IS NOT A REAL WORD!" England rolled her eyes, (He never listens, why I bother correcting him is beyond me, but, at least the meeting isn't far, Just a quick Hop and we'll be there, the less time I spend there, the better.) America then looked at the older nation and exclaimed "We Best get going! It doesn't do well for the host to be late, nor the Hero of the War!" England sighed, but gathered her energy, pictured the designated meeting room and her seat, then Hopped over.

Four hours later the meeting had ended and England had left, she Hopped back to her place as soon as she declared the meeting over. leaving all the Allies confused, usually England stayed for the after-meeting chatter, the confused conversations quickly escalated and soon nations were shouting at one another, (It was the UK ones, who were defending their sister and England's Allies vs. Everyone Else) until America shouted "SILENCE!!!!" Everyone quickly shut up, nobody wanted the American as an enemy, he was extremely powerful. Then Canada said "Wait, America, didn't you go and get England for the meeting, was anything off?" The other Nations murmured agreement.

"Alright, When I went to pick Iggy up, and, this is no lie, I spent a total of two minutes at her front door. Here, I have the entirety of my stay at her house here, he held up a camcorder, but smaller than the ones everyone else usually had, America then pressed a button and the screen came up, on it was, just as America said, the entirety of his stay there: 

First there was England's front door, America's hand then appeared and banged on it, followed by America's call, "IGGY! The Hero's here to make you get out of your house!" which was promptly followed by a "America! You Bloody GIT!" then a "WHAT THE HELL!" a lot of running around, water, a series of "ow, Ow, oW, OWWW! Holy Christ! OW!" whispering and then the door opened, revealing a wide awake and immaculately dressed England, then there was a conversation, England grabbing keys and closing the door, then Hopping out, America then Hopped after, following his arrival, he turned off the Recorder. Then the Time-stamp was shown, 2 minutes exactly.

The Nation's were mind-blown, they knew England was the fastest out of them all when it came to getting ready, mainly because she had been in a lot of wars, of which the longer you spent getting ready, the more likely you were to get killed. But two minutes after waking up to being out the door, not even a Japan on a sugar high was able to achieve that speed, they tried!

It was another thing they had come to know about England, when she was in a hurry, things which took twenty minutes for most people, took two for her.

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