Pieces of the Puzzle

England is a puzzle, to everyone, ever since the Revolution. Will the allies ever be able to solve it? Or will someone else do it for them?

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(If England is a bit OCC, I apologise!)


6. Magic

It was the beginning of a world meeting, at France's place, when Japan spoke up, "Where is England? She hasn't arrived yet." Ludwig didn't bother trying to keep order, the meeting devolved into Nations forming search parties and gossiping as to where she is, why? England never missed a meeting, even during the Blitz, when Scotland insisted he should go, England kicked him down a flight of stairs and came to the meeting, she looked like utter hell, but at least she was there and she paid attention.

Being the only logical one there, Japan asked for silence, then called England's house.

Scotland answered; "Kirkland Residence what ye want?"

Japan answered coolly, "Akir, do you know where Alice is? She isn't at the meeting."

"Oh. I don't lad, she's not here at the moment. Or rather, she could be, but you wouldn't know." With that, he hung up.

"Well." Japan started, "At least we now know where she is." But America had, for once, a good point, "Yes, we may know where she is, but we all know Alice, she's as stubborn as an Ox, she's never 'indisposed' without prior notice at least. She never misses a meeting, I say, we go to her manor and find out what's going on. Who's with me?" Only Japan, France and Russia raised their hands (Canada did too, but nobody pays attention to him) "Okay! Kiku, Ivan and Francis, Let's go!" And off they went, using France's connections, they were on the Eurostar and in London in next to no time, they had hailed a taxi and were no enroute to Kirkland Manor.

They were about 1000 or so Kilometres away when the driver stopped the Taxi and told them to get out, when he was asked why, he merely pointed to a sign, which read;

Kirkland Manor,

Private Land,

National Reserve


Protected Land

Enter on Risk of On-sight Execution

Then he turned away and drove off, faced with no other option than forward, the four of them picked up their belongings and began to walk to the Manor.

When they had reached it, there was a gate barring their entry, there was a callbox however, so, naturally they gravitated to it and pressed the button;

"Kirkland Residence, who is this?" A rather familiar accented voice filtered through the static channels,

"ALICE! It's us! Alfred, Kiku, Ivan and Francis! You weren't there at the meeting so we came to check on you! Are you alright?" Alfred shouted, much to the chagrin of the others,

Bloody Hell Alfred! The damn com's half broken, but I am not deaf you Git! Anyway, I have other things to do, other than go to a bloody meeting, now bugger off or I will set off security!" With a resounding click, the channel fell silent.

But Alfred wasn't to be deterred easily and pressed the button again; "Iggy, what are you doing? You never miss a meeting! You came to one at the height of the Damn Blitz for Christ's Sake! Now you're 'indisposed' and can't attend? That has got to be one of the most horrible excuses you've given us yet! Now tell us the real reason, or we'll break in!"

The channel buzzed for a few seconds with static, then it cleared and a very heavily accented voice came through the com; "Listen here, you Git. You now that phrase, 'Ask me no Questions and I'll tell you no lies?' Well, right now, it is truth, do not ask for what happened, tell me to tell you. Otherwise you will here lies!"

The others were stunned, Kiku broke out of the reverie and demanded; "Tell us why you are acting this way! Tell us the reason for your disappearance!"

A relieved sigh came over the channel then she spoke again, "The reason I am acting this way is because one of my brothers screwed up a spell, it is contagious by anyone who steps foot in our Main Land! AKA the bit behind the Gate. So I sealed us off, hoping it would disperse, except it didn't and now we're all trying to kill one another." There was a loud bang and muffled shouting, then the voice returned "Blast, it is not as bad as you might think, however, we can only tell lies to questions asked of us, which is terribly annoying. I believe I have answered you're demands, or do you want a test run, to see if I am lying?" The channel then clicked and returned to static, Kiku then asked, "America is terrified of ghosts, is he not?" The channel clicked and Alice said; "No! No! He is not terrified of ghosts! He is one of the most bravest men I have ever met!" The channel went static and then it cleared "BLOODY HELL! See what I mean!? None of us can answer truth to any question! However I think I may have found the bloody reversal spell!" The channel clicked off and a green light it up the complex behind the Gate, then it opened, revealing the very roughed up Kirklands, who were being scolded by a very annoyed Alice; "Honestly! Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make a contagion spell! Seriously! You were lucky that the gate sigils kept it from escaping! You all are a bunch of bloody idiots!" She then glanced there way and gave an acknowledging smile, then she walked back into the manor and slammed the door.

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