Pieces of the Puzzle

England is a puzzle, to everyone, ever since the Revolution. Will the allies ever be able to solve it? Or will someone else do it for them?

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(If England is a bit OCC, I apologise!)


5. Family

Now there are many things you can do to a Kirkland that they won't care about, you could insult their food, their style, their culture, their weather! But theirs one thing you don't insult;

Their Family.

Insult that, you better be near The Monarchy or Cameron. Otherwise, you are dead, figuratively and literally, they will hunt you down, skin you, and then kill you if you aren't already.

However, while most Nations knew this, a few didn't one of them was America.

Guess what happened.


Alice stumbled into the meeting, it wasn't unusual, she done it usually if she had a long night of paperwork or had been out drinking, but usually she didn't look this bad.

She had a black eye, cuts on her hands, bruises on her neck and burns on one of her hands, she wore no gloves,no tie and she was unusually quiet. France, who sat opposite to her, gingerly touched her shoulder, as if she was made of glass, Alice turned to him, and in answer to the unspoken question that hung in the room, uttered two words, that seemed to echoed across the entire length of the hall; "My Brothers-"

The room was in uproar, berating their very existence, just as said brothers entered the room, in roughly the same shape as Alice, thinking that the noise was just about regular stuff, took their usual seats, Scotland on Alice's right, Ireland on her left, Northern Ireland next to Scotland and Wales next to Ireland, it was then that the room fell silent, all eyes on the Brothers.

America was the one that broke the silence; "HOW DARE YOU!? How dare you sit there, while your own sister, whose injuries you caused, deals with them! How can you act so nonchalant! You have no right to call yourselves her brothers!" No one stopped his comment, but then as one, the Kirklands stood up, rage, was written on all their face, bar one. Alice, her face was as neutral as a gearbox. But her eyes, the usually lime green eyes, which were filled with a spark of unknown happiness, were a dark forest green and completely emotionless, barely anyone had seen them, the usually laughing, swearing and brawling Kirklands this serious, without someone getting killed. Then they spoke in low tones "Run America, Run." He needed no further encouragement.

The chase lasted for all of five seconds, America didn't even make it to the door, NI dived and took out his legs, then kicked him in the head, when the others came over, Scotland and Wales carried him out, NI cleaned up the mess, grabbed everything that belonged to them and America, then left and then England left to go take care of the other's vehicles and to start up her Land Rover, leaving Ireland to perform a short spell, which removed everyone's memories of the last half an hour. They noticed the absence of the Kirklands and America, but it wasn't unusual.

Five days later America was found, battered, bruised and Buckass nude on the doorstep of the White House. When questioned as to how it happened, America answered, "I let my mouth run on, and some people had finally had enough of it." They probed no further.

Meanwhile at Kirkland Manor, the family were celebrating their week of vengeance, which meant that they got completely smashed and fought over the last bottle of whisky.

It was a normal thing for them to do, after all, they are family, and whether they like it or not. They look out for one another.

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