"A long time ago, no one knows where, there were four very different women. Each had a power of their own; water, fire, air, and earth. The women's powers were magnified by gems, each of their own color. The townspeople thought the women were destructive and took the gems away and hid them. No one has seen the powerful women or the gems since…”

My very first story, so i need feedback and thank you Raven711, veronicame1o and Somegirl13 for keeping me sane.


2. Brook


     Cool, calm, and relaxed, this is how Brook feels when she emerges from the wide creek.  Each breath, stains the cold winter air.  She always feels better after a dip in the creek, her creek.  Her family knows about the place, but they never bother with it.  Today had been a nightmare, as usual her mother and father had been boasting about how good her brother is.  That’s all she ever hears from them, Jacob Jr this, Jacob Jr that, it makes her so mad sometimes that she feels like she’s just going to explode.  


    Brook is the daughter of Leah and Jacob Wakeman, the third child out of five, and the most unhappy.  She thinks back to when she came here half an hour ago.  In tears and feeling so alone while her family went about their business not knowing how she felt.  Not ever knowing how she feels.  She was so upset she didn't bother with the fact that it is mid winter, she jumped right in letting the tears wash away.  Some may call her crazy, but really she likes the cold.  Brook tries to think calm thoughts as she wrings out her long, flowing, black hair.  She takes the winding path out of the woods up to her house.  As she walks snowflakes slowly start to fall.


  The whole while there she tries to recall what she can’t remember.  She silently opens and closes the door, trying to avoid unwelcome lectures from her parents.  Brook quietly runs to her room, hoping not to drip water everywhere.  First she strips down and changes into some dry clothes.  Then she hides the evidence in her hamper and heads for the living room.


Brook hardly makes her way into the living room when her mother, dressed in a sweater dress and  black coat, starts stating instructions.  “We will be back late, get to bed, and make sure Brandon and Emily listen to you. There are pork chops in the fridge…”   She stops pacing and looks lost in thought before she calls up to the stairs,  “Jacob, am I forgetting something?”  


Her father comes rushing down the stairs, half-tying a tie, “If there is an emergency, you can call us, and if we don't answer call the restaurant, get your backpacks ready for school on Monday, because  you won't have time tomorrow,”  He puts his jacket on and kisses Brook on the cheek and continues, “And have fun.”  


They are out into the snowy abyss within seconds.  Normally it would be fun to babysit, but her older sister, Cassie, is at a new years eve party.  It used to be Cassie and herself babysitting her younger siblings, but she hasn't seen her much since she started high school.  Brook starts to reheat the pork chops when her younger sister Emily comes crashing in, literally.  “Emily!  Put that stick down!”  Brook says as she catches a mug midair.


“But I need it!  I want you to make it into something for me!”


“What?  A javelin?  Put that down before you break something!”  She sets the stick on the floor with a huff.


“I wanted you to surprise me, I saw it the other day and thought you might have an idea for what to do with it.”


“Fine.  Go put it in my room.  Oh, and go tell Brandon that dinner is ready.”


Brook, not feeling hungry, sets the food on the table and goes back to her room.  She plops onto her bed and starts thinking.  Contemplating.  Staring into the void of deep thoughts that usually lies on ones’ ceiling or wall.  Brook looks through a number of memories when she happens upon a more recent memory.  A month old memory.  Back to the day of her fourteenth birthday.  Her parents gave her a gift, a small, but worthy gift.  Instead of using it, she hid it in a safe spot where she hoped no one would find it.


Brook decides that it was time she wear it.  She moves to her desk and pulls it away from the wall.  She gropes her hand at the back of the desk and pulls at the handle she finds.  There in the secret compartment lays a necklace.  Brook pulls it out of the small drawer and holds it up to the light.


In the light the blue sapphire on the necklace shines.  Its perfectly pear cut shape glimmers at different angles.  She gazes at it in awe.  She slowly turns the sapphire in her hands, having no idea the power she holds.


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