i promise.

Kylie's life goes into a spiral but is it a good spiral?
You are Kylie. Take yourself from this world for a moment and enjoy.
The mysterys will take you places you have never been before.
Ready? Ok start reading..:)


4. The truth comes out

When I woke up I was on a couch all I saw was beautiful furniture and it was really quiet. At first I thought I was at some hotel and I remember having the weirdest dream I met justin on an airplane and was pretending not to be a belieber which is stupid I would never do that then he signed me. Haha nice dream. Then I heard footsteps I got scared cause I had no clue where I am. Then i saw him. My idol. He's standing there with nothing but boxers on. Then I remembered it wasn't a dream..
Justin: hey baby girl how was your sleep 
Kylie: it was fine I have a headache though 
Justin: aww come here
He held me in his arms and rubbed my back I didn't want to let go so I didn't
Justin: heyy are u ok
Kylie: umm yea I just..look I have to tell u something just promise not to get mad
Justin: mhmm what is it
Kylie:I..I'm sorry
I started to cry so hard and just sat there confused cuddling with me trying to calm me down.
Justin: please calm down princess please
Kylie: princess?
Justin: yes your my princess. 
Kylie: I'm a belieber I'm so sorry I lied to u I don't know why I didn't tell u last night I'm so so sorry justin
Justin: it's ok I already knew it fredo told me
Kylie: what! I knew he knew something..
Justin: hahah yup but were gonna be focusing on music this summer ok
Kylie: of course
(1 month later)
Justin: kyliee!!!!
Kylie: yea?
Justin: I need help
I was downstairs so I ran up as quick as possible I though he was in danger or something 
Kylie: justin what the fuck?
Justin: haha what
Kylie: what's wrong with you u scared me to death I thought u were dying 
Justin: no..look I know I'm 20 and your only 15 but actually it's only 5 years it's not that big of a difference 
Kylie: I know when I'm 20 your 25 not that bad so what's your point?
Justin: I like you..a lot..more actually I think I'm in love with you.
I was so shocked he was in love with me. This is my chance maybe if I kiss him..but it's so wrong but it feels so right
Kylie: justin I don't know what to say
Justin : say you love me back
Kylie: I..umm..ii 
Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger ;) I love those. I had a lot of homework so sorry if it took long. Btw who else is exited for believe on iTunes ahhhh!!!!Please favorite and comment and like I wanna see that people actually want to read this. 
So what do u guys think Kylie will say? Has she gotten used to him as just a friend and reject justin? Or will she say I love you back...
Find out next week 
Love u guys have a great week:) 


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