i promise.

Kylie's life goes into a spiral but is it a good spiral?
You are Kylie. Take yourself from this world for a moment and enjoy.
The mysterys will take you places you have never been before.
Ready? Ok start reading..:)


3. Secrets

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was I really in the arms of my idol right now. I was speechless. I was being such an ass to him....I can't tell him I'm a belieber he act weird around me, he'll feel even more guilty. So maybe I'll just pretend I'm not a fan just for now I don't want him to feel worse that he tripped me.
Justin: sweetie yes it's me, are u a fan?
Kylie: I..um..I..no not really
Justin: oh...well I'm so sorry for hurting u.
Kylie: no justin don't be it didn't even hurt that much 
Justin: so why are u crying
Kylie: my life...I hate it so much.
Justin: why? Your so beautiful and nice is everything ok?
Kylie: mostly my family and no..I'm not. I'm so insecure and sometimes it's ok when I listen to y....umm...music
Justin: well what music do u like?
Kylie: just random songs I guess I like to sing but my dad says I suck
Justin: don't listen to hate I'm sure your wonderful
Kylie: why are u being so nice to me?
Justin: u seem like such a special girl
Kylie: I umm do u want to hear me sing I come to Miami so I can busk on the streets but no one famous ever heard me
Justin: hahah of course it would be my honor let's go to my seats.
What he didn't know is it'll be my honor. I'm so nervous how am I supposed to hide my feelings every time he touches me I get this shock in my blood. I have to sing the best I ever have I really want him to like what he hears.
Justin led me to his seats he has the first 4 seats on the plane all to himself and fredo. He started telling me everything and by mistake I almost give away that I'm a belieber. I just don't want him to know I was Lying to him he'll be so mad.
Justin: so this is Alfredo Flores but we call him fredo.
Kylie: I kno...umm hii fredo nice to meet you.
Fredo keeps looking at me weird he knows something's up.
Justin: so can u sing us some songs
Kylie: of course anything for u ;)
Justin started blushing.
Wait did I just make justin blush.im only 15 well turning 15.
1: because of you-neyo
2: usher-you got it bad
3: call me maybe-Carley Ray jepson.
4: be alright-justin bieber
Justin: OMG I'm..I'm speechless I honestly think your better then me.
Kylie: hahahahhahahah your funny.
Justin: your so amazing 
Fredo: yea ur real good..umm justin can I talk to you for a second.
Justin: sure man wassup
Fredo: no In private
Justin: umm..sure...well be back in a sec
Kylie: ok:)
Shit. What does he want to tell him. I'm so nervous .
Fredo: man do u notice it
Justin: yea she's amazing I'm gonna sign her
Fredo: what c'mon Man U just met her
Justin: so!! She's amazing and idk I get this weird feeling around her...and she's sexyy
Fredo: bro she's young
Justin: I know I know but I get a good vibe from her
Fredo: ok but do u notice what she's hiding
Justin: what are you talking about?
Fredo: she's a belieber...
Justin: no. I asked her she told me she isn't
Fredo: how did u meet her?
Justin: I..um..she tripped over my leg on the way to the bathroom.
Fredo: well she lied to you she's a belieber I can tell
Justin: how can u even tell?
Fredo: she's looking at you like she's ready to have your babies. And I don't know it's soooo noticeable 
Justin: lmfaooooooooo omfgggg I can't breathe. But maybe I'm not sure
Fredo: didn't u hear how she made that mistake.
Justin: what?
Fredo: u told her who I was she was about to say I know but she stopped herself
Justin: I thought she was just stuttering
Fredo: nah man I think she's a belieber and your lucky she actually is sexy as fuck.
Justin: well if she is I'm gonna sign her and when she's ready she'll tell me herself and I know I really would like to hit that haha ;)
Fredo: mhmmmm let's get back
What is taking them so long. I'm just nervous what if fredo hates me. I really like fredo half my photos are him. I hope they don't ask to see my phone or I'm exposed. I don't know how long I can keep this secret. Anyway I think fredo knows.
Justin: hey Kylie
Kylie: yeah
Justin: I think your really good and I want to sign you 
Kylie: WHAT
justin: I know I'm not that good of a manage...
I gave him the biggest hug and longest I honestly did not want to let go I felt so safe and calm it was perfect. Now my idol is gonna be my manager. What will my family say? NO I don't care they can't stop me now. I'm so blessed. 
Justin: so you'll live with me in Miami this summer and then well see what to do after the summer
Kylie: ok thank you justin 
Justin's point of view
After we talked for a while she fell asleep in my arms. I found out a lot about her. She told me her entire life story ahah. I think fredo was right she might be a belieber. But why would she tell me she isn't? That's weird. Anyways I think I like her a lot.. I just don't know how it'll work she's only gonna be 15 soon and I'm 20. I don't even know if she likes me that way... I'll figure it out whatever I just can't wait till we land. But I like it this way I have perfection laying here in my hands. She's so beautiful.
HEY guys so as promised I update every Thursday but no ones commenting or voting. Please do. It takes a long time and sorry if this chapter is too short it was my birthday yesterday so I didn't really have time well enjoy your weekend love u guys


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