i promise.

Kylie's life goes into a spiral but is it a good spiral?
You are Kylie. Take yourself from this world for a moment and enjoy.
The mysterys will take you places you have never been before.
Ready? Ok start reading..:)


1. (not a real chapter) life of kylie

The alarm clock woke me up really fast I hate that but today I didn't care. Today was the day I get to leave New York but most of all leave my "family" for the summer. FINALLYYY. I'm only 14 I'm turning 15 in about 2 weeks and all I want is for justin bieber to follow me on twitter. He's my hero..he saved me from so many things.
As a kid I was abused by my dad once I told me mom she laughed in my face and called me stupid and said I deserve it. That was 5 years ago but it still goes on today..a lot. My parents don't even know it's my birthday soon they always told me I never deserved a birthday. All I hope for this year is a follow from justin he's the only reason I'm alive.

Uchhh well I guess I'll get up now I gotta get to the airport in 3 hours.


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