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5. Do you love me or do you love me not?

"I..um..I..justin look we can't do this"
"why not?"
He look confused but mostly hurt he had this sharp pain in his eyes and the fact that i still and will always be a belieber doesn't help the situation.
I dreamt about this moment multiple times but the fact that it's actually happening right now is just surreal.
I don't want to hurt justin actually he doesn't know but every time I see him I want to fuck him right then and there but what about the fans? Or the media? So many people will be hurt...and Im only 15 can't he get arrested or something. I couldn't take it anymore I just broke down crying right in front of him.
"I'm..I'm so sorry..I didn't want to make you cry."
"no...you don't get it."
I yelled so loud I'm sure the whole house heard.
"what do you mean?"
" justin. I love you ok. I'm in love with you. The moments were apart I feel empty like something's missing every night when I'm in bed I wish you were there by my side so I can cuddle up with you. When I see pictures of you and someone kissing online I feel pain like it should be me. I need you every waking second of my life but I don't complain to much because I don't want to be annoying I love you so much you for get how much..whatever mood your in it affects me. If your in pain so am I if your happy then that makes me smile if I'm the one causing any of your pain I wish u could die because I want you to be happy at all times and I know that's not possible because your human with emotions but I want you so don't ever. NEVER. Not even for a second ever think I don't want you."
I continued with tears streaming my face. Justin tried to speak but he was at loss of words he was just shocked he knew i was a belieber and i liked him but not this strongly. He loved her just the same and i was waiting for an answer still crying all justin could say was
"So why didn't you say it back..?"
I looked surprised i just expected silence i thought he would think I'm crazy for loving him that much.
" the fans...the media...everyone..my age...and even ignoring all those problems...I don't want to get attached."
The second i finished that sentence he kissed me. I wanted to let go but something in my mind didn't hold back. As our lips kept in sinc with each other justin licked the bottom of my lip for entrance at first i didn't allow so he slowly reached his hand up my shirt then I felt a pinch as i opened my mouth justin was quick and stuck his tongue in. Now our tongues were fighting for dominance.
This felt good we both knew it was wrong but it felt so right.
Justin picked me up not releasing from the kiss.
My legs were wrapped around his torso as he went up the stairs when we reached Justin's room he closed the door and locked it even though no one was home. He threw me on the bed as i looked up at him he was taking his shirt off and right then and there i realized where this was going and i loved him..but I'm still a virgin he's so experienced. I felt nervous.
"Yeah baby?"
He was breathless and now shirtless ready to fuck.
"Hahah baby? Really?"
"Well that's what couples call each other."
He blushed but it's true that is what coup...wait couples they are together?
"Couples? Justin..we aren't dating."
I was so confused I didn't understand what he meant.
"Now we are. Your my girl ok?"
He obviously didn't know how to ask a girl out. But he was smooth.
"Haha is that your way of asking me out?"
I had the biggest smirk on my face he got embarrassed but a "yes" came out. He climbed on top of me and I don't know why but the feeling that he's mine and all mine made me extremely turned on.
"I want you...in me.NOW."
"Awww is my baby horny."
"Justinnnnnnn pleaseeee."
"Ok don't worry baby I'll take care of you"
He said with a smirk on his face and then he slid his boxers off and he said
"You sure your ready?"
"Yes babyyyyy I need you."
With that he thrusted into me.
After about 10 thrusts I leaned down and held his dick in my hand. I don't really know how he likes it..
"Justinn..mm...how do u want it."
He smiled at the fact that I had to ask him but I didn't care I wanted him.
"Just put it in your mouth and slowly suckk then go faster and when I'm about to cum gently bite on the tip ok babe."
I did exactly as he said. I could hear his moans leave his mouth his eyes rolled back as I bite his tip.
"Kyyyy I'm about...to...aww fuck."
I knew he was gonna cum but I wanted to swallow. I wanted to taste him.
As I sucked I felt his juices go down my throat.
He flipped me over and I didn't realize what he was doing till he leaned down.
"Umm justin..I.."
"It's ok baby it'll feel good I promise."
He started sucking and he swirled his tongue around and t felt amazing. I couldn't take it it felt so good I wanted him in me. I pulled him out and I took control. I stuck his dick in me as the thrusts went in and out. I felt my body stiffen and both out body's weakened next to each other and it was a perfect moment I just had one question...
Im so sorry for the late update. I had to study for my history test I hope I passed fingers crossed lol.
Well anyway so guys who likes them together? She lost her virginity... 
But are they really in love like that. What will happen with their future. What is the one question Kylie wants to know? 
Guess well figure out next week.
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