i promise.

Kylie's life goes into a spiral but is it a good spiral?
You are Kylie. Take yourself from this world for a moment and enjoy.
The mysterys will take you places you have never been before.
Ready? Ok start reading..:)



 I've been at the airport for two hours and it's empty there not a sign of human life anywhere.
My mom left me here and said "enjoy your summer ky!"
That's it mom. Enjoy your summer. Uchh I hate her. At least I can get away now.
(Kylie fell asleep for 4 hours)

SHIT I missed my flight. OMG I missed like three fights. ~this is the last flight boarding to Miami it leave in five minutes~
Thank god. The last flight is usually more empty so I might actually get to sneak to first class. Whatever...

Kylie goes on her twitter and just scrolls through looking at new selfies justin posted. She only has about 1.4 k followers but hopes justin will notice her for her birthday.

As she gets on the flight an adrenaline rush goes through her veins. She loves Miami the cool breeze and the beach and NO family. She did all the usual -watched some movies
-listened to music
-wrote in her diary
-went on twitter
-posted a new pic to tumblr
But after a while she got really bored. The flight attendants weren't really paying attention so she knew this was her chance to grab a seat in first class. She was wearing her black leggings, her smily face crew-neck, and her fuzzy socks (she took off her shoes because they were heals and she wanted to relax)

As she watches all these people in amazement ..I mean c'mon massage chairs!! (Awesomeness)
There was only about 15 people in first class.
Then she tripped over a man. She fell and started bleeding but since she was used to the pain it didn't bother her.

Man: OMG sweetie I'm sooooo sorry are u ok?
Kylie: yes I'm fine
Man: no ur bleeding here let me help you.

He carried her to the bathroom but her eyes were so blurry from tears that she can't see. She wasn't crying because she fell she started crying when she realized her parents are rich why couldn't they give me a better life. She hates her life, her self and this world.

The man was being extremely nice all she did was trip. WAIT. Why did he call her sweetie? That's so creepy. He could be a creep who's about to rape her. She saw that he kept talking but she couldn't hear him she was listening to journals Justin's new album it always makes her smile.

The man cleared up the blood. So she decided she'll be a nice person. She cleared the tears and took out the music.

Man: are u sure ur ok?
Kylie: yes I promi...JUSTIN?

Hi guys so I know I'm new to this so if u have any corrections please tell me I want to get better. Anything I write In these stories are not to offend anyone I'm trying hard here I hope u guys enjoyed the first chapter ... Pretty crazy?? Haha I UPDATE EVERY THURDAY. If u want to follow my person accounts it's in my bio. And if u can dm me a good edit for a cover I'll give u credit for it and I'll be so grateful!! PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT I NEED TO KNOW PEOPLE ARE READING THIS.

Love u guys ;)

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