The Titanic

This Movella is a story about the Titanic... It is a bit wierd...
F.I.S.H. (fuck it shit happens) is a 21 years old man. He is on the Titanic, when it sinks, he and two others reach an island, so it seems like they are rescued. But what happens when all sorts of strange things happens on the island and who is the man that F.I.S.H. always sees, but no one else can see him?


4. The Return

We still hadn’t figured out how to get down, when suddenly: 
“I got an idea!” George suddenly said. 
“Please do tell!” I answered. 
“I’ve got a knife in my pocket!” 
“What?! You’ve got a knife?! 
“Yeah, I’ve got a knife!” George answered happily.  
“So, you have had a knife the whole time and you haven’t considered to tell us?! I look like a turkey on thanksgiving!” 
“Hey, it’s me who is a bird/fish!” 
“Could you just take your knife already?!” John said annoyed. 
“Yeah, but there’s a problem, I can’t reach it…” 
“God George! What are we going to do now?!” John was angry. 
“Well I don’t know! Wait! I’ve got an idea!” 
George started to move his merman tail or whatever it is called. Suddenly I thought about where his knife was, I mean he had no pocket or anything and that was when he did something, that I don’t want to tell anybody, ever. I have been traumatized for life… Anyways, he got his knife and started cutting the ropes. When he got down, he put out the fire and then he helped us down.  
“Thank you George.” John and I said. 
“No problem.” 
We sat down and started talking about our life, I mean we had nothing else to do. Suddenly John said: 
“I want to go home guys!” 
“Ditto” George and I said. 
“Why can’t we go home?” John asked. 
“What do you mean?” I asked. 
“I mean, why can’t George just carry us and swim home?” 
“Because I have no idea, where we are and I don’t know if I can carry you all the way, because we could be far away from another island.” George said. 
“Well if we don’t do anything, then we are going to die!” John stood up and yelled. 
George and I stayed quiet. John sat down again and looked at his hands. 
“He’s right you know.” I said after a while of silence. 
“Yeah I know.” George answered. 
We were all silent again. Then George got up. 
“Oh what the hell, let’s do it! I mean what have we got to lose?” 
“You’re right! I’m in!” John also got up. 
“F.I.S.H., what about you?” George looked at me.  
I thought about it. 
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m in!” 
“Awesome!” John said. 
We decided that we would sleep first, because we were all so tired. 
The next morning, we were all excited. We went over to the shore and George got in the water. John sat down on George, so I had to sit behind John.  
“Are you ready?” George asked. 
“I was born ready!” John answered happily. 
I was just quiet. 
George started to swim, soon after I figured out that it was really annoying to sit in the back, because George continued to splash water on me. 
George had been swimming for about two hours, when I saw the man again, he was on a tiny island.  
I poked John. 
“John! John wake up!” I whisper yelled. 
“F.I.S.H! How often have I told you, that you are not supposed to wake me up?!”  
I really couldn’t understand how he could sleep sitting up! 
“Sorry. But the man is there again!” 
“Please stop saying that there is a man here! There is no one here! Just go to sleep!” 
I looked at the man again. “He was probably gone again.”, but when I looked at him he was still there. He was still looking directly at me. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and then it was as if something pushed me down in the water. I tried to swim to the surface, but I could not, something was pulling me further down in the water. I fought and fought to get up, but I just could not. I realized that I was going to die. I closed my eyes and accepted it… 
I opened my eyes, I was breathing heavily. “What happened? Where am I?” It was weird I saw a ceiling. I looked around and saw that I was in my room, at home! What? Was I just dreaming? It was so real! 
“It was just a dream!” I said to myself. 
Suddenly I heard a noise, which sounded like footsteps. I looked over at my door that was when I saw…  The man! The man was in my room! I was looking at him and he was looking at me.  
“Wh….who are you?” I asked scared. 
He just gave me a crooked smile… 


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