The Titanic

This Movella is a story about the Titanic... It is a bit wierd...
F.I.S.H. (fuck it shit happens) is a 21 years old man. He is on the Titanic, when it sinks, he and two others reach an island, so it seems like they are rescued. But what happens when all sorts of strange things happens on the island and who is the man that F.I.S.H. always sees, but no one else can see him?


2. The Creepy Little Island

The man was still looking at me…  
Guys! Guys! Do you see that man on that island?! 
“What man?” John answered 
“Can’t you see him?! He is right there! He is looking directly at me!” 
“You’re such a wuss F.I.S.H.!” 
When I looked over at the island again, the man was gone. He just vanished into thin air… 
George Budderham swam over to the island 
“George, please don’t swim over to that island, I don’t like that island! Can’t you swim over to another one?!” 
“No F.I.S.H. I cannot! 
What?!? George Budderham can talk?!? 
“Can you talk?!?” John and I said at the same time. 
“Yes, I can talk! I also understand everything that you say! It was quite entertaining listening to your conversations!” 
The rest of the ride was silent… 

When we reached the island, I did not move…  
“Hey George! Look at F.I.S.H.! He’s so scared, he doesn’t even want to move!”  
John was a mean person sometimes! 
HahaWuss! F.I.S.H. is a big wuss!”  
George was also mean! 

George and John started walking… Yes, George can walk… I decided to go after them, I did not want to be left alone on this creepy little island! 
When we had walked for an hour or so, I saw the man again! 
“John! George! Can you see that man?! I whisper yelled. 
“No F.I.S.H! There’s no other man on the island! We are the only ones here! I mean, have you not seen how small this island is?! You can practically see everything!”  
Why was John always so angry? 
When I looked over at the man again, he was gone. I convinced myself, that it was my mind playing tricks on me. 
We walked around on the island, I did not know why, because there was like two trees on the island and nothing else.  
We walked over to the trees, they were like three centimeters away from each other. When we were about three meters away from the trees, we saw a monkey. The monkey was hanging down from the biggest tree.  
“Guys, can you also see the monkey?” I asked. 
“Yeah… What is it doing here?” John was confused. 
Suddenly the monkey jumped down and four other monkeys followed it. 
“Now that’s just freaky! They came out of nowhere!” George said. 
The monkeys headed towards us, they looked angry.  
“Guys, I think we should go!” I was a bit scared 
“Yeah F.I.S.H, let’s run into the woods, oh wait, there are no woods on this little island! There are two small trees and the trees makes monkeys, who are really angry!” 
“Okay right, probably not a very good idea.”  
The monkeys were really close now. I just looked at them, their eyes reminded me of human eyes. When they were about 30 centimeters away from us, they stopped and just looked at us. After a minute, the monkey in the front opened its mouth 
“What are you doing on my island? Huh answer me!” 
I fell backwards and landed on my bum, someone screamed like a little girl, I looked to my side and saw it was John and George’s jaw fell almost off. John was still screaming, I kicked his leg and he fell down on his bum like me.  
Uumm hellooo! Did you hear me? Why are you on my island?!”  
Uumm Mr. Monkey… Or whatever your name is. Our ship sank and we saw this island and we didn’t think anybody lived here, so we just walked up on it.” I tried to say it as if I wasn’t freaking out, but I was sure that I could get a heart attack in any minute.  
“I see, but if you don’t mind, please get off my island right now! Or else I’m going to…” Suddenly Mr. Monkey stopped talking and looked behind me.  
I turned my head to see what it was looking at, and then I saw it was the man! 
The monkeys just ran over to the trees and disappeared. I got up and ran over to the trees, like the monkeys, maybe I could disappear too. When I reached the trees, nothing happened. When I looked over at the man again, he was gone, again. George and John came over to me 
“Why did you and the monkeys run?” George asked 
“The man was there again, but you can’t see him, so you don’t believe me.” It was weird that they could not see him, maybe I had gotten crazy or something. 

It became night, we had tried to find some food, but it did not seem like there was anything. We were all starving and we were also really thirsty, George was considering drinking his own wee. After a while, we all fell asleep.  
I woke up, because I heard some loud music. 
“Please turn that music down!” I yelled at the people who seemed to have a party, wait! A party, music, people!  
“John! George! Wake up! There are people here!”  
“Why did you wake me up, again?!” Jesus, John was such a diva. 
“There are people here! I think they are having a beach party!” 
We all got up and walked over to the people and the party.  
“Hey! Hey! Help us we are stranded!” We all yelled. 
The people turned around, so they were facing us. They looked a bit weird, they had some red stuff on their chin, it looked a bit like blood. Wait! I stopped George and John for walking closer to the people. 
“Guys! I think these people are cannibals!” 
“Jesus Alfie! Have your mother never taught you that you are never supposed to judge people just, because they look a bit different?! Come on let’s say hi, they are probably some really nice people!” Wow, I have never heard John use my first name before. George and I followed John, who was heading towards the maybe cannibals and their beach party 

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