The Titanic

This Movella is a story about the Titanic... It is a bit wierd...
F.I.S.H. (fuck it shit happens) is a 21 years old man. He is on the Titanic, when it sinks, he and two others reach an island, so it seems like they are rescued. But what happens when all sorts of strange things happens on the island and who is the man that F.I.S.H. always sees, but no one else can see him?


3. The Cannibals

When we walked over to the people, I saw that they were whispering something to each other. Sometimes they would look at us and point, maybe they were talking about, who should eat whom. Suddenly one of the men stepped forward, put his hand in front of him and yelled “Stup!” We all stopped and looked at each other.  
“What is happening?” George whispered. 
“I don’t know.” John answered. 
The man walked up to us.  
“Who is you?” He was not good at English. 
“I am Alfie Butler, he is John England and that is George Budderham.”  
“Me am Hubba Bubba.” 
We all bursted out laughing. 
“He has the same name as a gum!” John laughed. 
Hubba Bubba! Haha I’m dying!” George fell to the ground, because he laughed so much. 
I looked up at Hubba Bubba, he seemed really angry. I hit John and George light on their arms.  
“I think he’s mad.” I whispered. 
They immediately stopped laughing, stood up and tried to look serious.  
“We are so sorry that we acted that way, it will never ever happen again. I promise.” I was really scared. 
Hubba Bubba looked strange at us, he said something to the others and then he looked at us again. Suddenly the others came up to us and took us over their shoulders. 
“Put us down now!” I yelled. 
They did not say anything, they just continued to walk over to the fire. When they came to the fire, they said something to a small man. He ran over and took some ropes. When he came back, the men who were holding us, put us down. I knew this was my chance, I spurted away from everyone, I did not get that far, when some huge hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the fire again. After some minutes, the cannibals tied us to a really big stick, then they put the stick over the fire and started to roast us. 
“Were you really just going to leave us and let these people eat us?!” John sounded a bit hurt. 
“Maybe… I mean I told you, that they were cannibals! You could just have listened.” 
“Whatever man.” 
The cannibals continued to roast us, it started to get really hot. 
“I really hope that they don’t like fish or bird.” George suddenly said. 
“You can always hope.” I said and tried to smile, but it just became a really strange smile, it was kind of happy and kind of sad. 
The sun started to come up, when it was almost up, the cannibals started screaming and yelling and then they just suddenly disappeared into thin air. 
“What happened?” George was confused like the rest of us. 
“I have no idea.” 
We were all silent and the fire was still burning. 
“How are we going to get down?” John asked. 
“I have no idea…” I answered. 
Then we just continued to get roasted, while we tried to find a way to get down… 

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