Perfect Life.

Warning!--Sexual Content!!!

(These are only main characters)
You(Ellie) and Harry have the perfect life. You have been dating for 1 year and 8 months. You are totally in love and things couldnt be better. But then something happens. What will happen? Is it a good thing, or bad? Read to find out!


2. Rehearsals:)

After me and Harry had both had our showers we headed down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. We had to leave to go to tour rehearsals at half twelve and it was already half eleven so we had to be quick. We decided to quickly cook pancakes with orange and sugar.

After we finished i quickly did the dishes. While i was washing the last few things Harry came and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

"Babe, come on get off we have to go." I said trying to bat his arm away.

"I know, i wish we didnt have to go, id rather stay here with you all day" he said making a sad face.

"Trust me so do i, but come on get your boots on we've got to go!" I told him.

He pouted and dragged his feet into the hall. I grabbed my coat and we walked to the car. Once we got into the car i switched on the radio. The iron gates automatically opened and we were suddenly greeted with loads of flashing cameras. Paparazzi again! We drove out of the driveway and down the street.

"Im blinded" i joked

"Sorry babe, its so annoying, especially when it bothers you." Harry replied.

"Dont worry babe, i was only joking, and it doesnt particularly bother me, i used to it now" i replied

"Thankyou for being so understanding, i couldnt ask for a better person to have in my life. Your everything i could ever want." Harry said smiling at me.

"Harry you dont have to thank me, ill be here forever. And your all i could ever want" i said winking at him. He laughed and focused his eyes back on the road. Then best song ever came on the radio. We both looked at eachother then started singing along and danced wildly in the car. Just as the song ended Niall's girlfriend(my bestfriend) called me. I turned down the radio and answered.

"Hey Ellie, we're all at the studio, where are you and Harry? Shannon asked.

We're on our way! We'll only be another five minutes." I replied.

"Ok hun! Ill tell security to get outside, the paparazzi have found us and are going crazy!" She said.

"Oh great. Oh well, see you see babe!" I answered

"Ok bye hunny!" She said happily.

"Whats up?" Harry asked looking concerned.

"Oh nothing to bad, just that theres loads of paparazzi going crazy outside the studio" i replied.

"Oh, we'll go through the back way." He suggested.

We arrived and security were holding back the paparazzi. We drove through the back way and parked the car. We grabbed everything we needed and walked inside the studio. We were greeted by Sophia and Liam who came to hug us, then Zayn and Perrie then Louis.

"Where's Eleanor?" I asked concerned.

"Oh, um, shes in the toilet. Shes got a stomach bug, not sick but the other end." He replied giggling.

"Oh bless her, ill go see if shes ok in a minute." I said.

Harry and Louis were just stood there laughing. I dropped my bag down on the sofa and noticed that i hadnt seen Shannon and Niall. But as soon as i peeped around the corner they were sat on the sofa snogging eachothers faces off.

"God get a room!" I shouted walking around the corner. They both jumped and Shannon turned around to see it was me. "Ellie!" She shouted and ran towards me hugging me tightly.

"Hey, so you've still got your face? I thought Niall might have swallowed it just then!" I joked.

"I know i was enjoying that! But anyway, hey!" Niall complained but then hugged me.

"Im just going to check on El" i explained to Shannon walking towards the toilets. I walked in and Eleanor was washing her hands.

"Hey El! You ok?" I asked pulling her into a hug.

"No, i have stomach cramps and a stomach bug at the bottom end!" She said sadly.

"Just sit and chill today. Ill go get a Starbucks for you if you want?" I asked her.

"Yeah i might come, i could do with a walk" she replied.

"Ok, ill ask Shannon and Sophia to come, thats if Shannon is snogging Niall's face off!" I jokes.

She laughed and then we walked out of the bathroom. Louis hugged El and asked if se was ok. Sophia and Shannon agrees to come with us. Once we got everybodies orders we walked out and were immediately attacked by a swarm of paparazzi. Shannon and Niall hadnt been dating for long so all of the questions we're to her.

"Shannon, are you dating Niall?"

"Shannon, why were you at Niall's yesterday?"

"Shannon, have you kissed?"

"Shannon, why did Niall touch your bum?"

Shannon just shrugged of the questions and carried on talking to us. We arrived at Starbucks and got everyones orders. We got back and Niall was in the booth so we had to be quiet. Eleanor ran to the toilet and i handed everybody their coffees. Louis went into the booth next. Just then Eleanor came out of the bathroom looking pale and shaking. As she was walked over to us she suddenly stopped and the her eyes closed and she fell to the ground.

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