Perfect Life.

Warning!--Sexual Content!!!

(These are only main characters)
You(Ellie) and Harry have the perfect life. You have been dating for 1 year and 8 months. You are totally in love and things couldnt be better. But then something happens. What will happen? Is it a good thing, or bad? Read to find out!


1. Morning!

Ellie's POV -

I woke up to the sun shining directly in my eyes. I moaned and turned over to check what time it was. 10:39AM! Wow i'd lied in! I tried to get up but two muscular arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back down onto the bed.

"Morning beautiful." Harry said whispering into my ear. His raspy, sexy morning voice sent a shiver down my spine.

"Morning sexy." I giggled. He spun me around and smashed his soft, plump lips against mine.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing i tried to get out of Harry's grasp. I rolled over.

"Erm, where do you think your going? I haven't finished with you yet." Harry questioned.

"What do you mean? I need to get up and get breakfast and-" I was soon cut off by Harry jumping on top of me and kissing me deeply. We took short breaths inbetween our passionate kisses. They got deeper and deeper until he bit my lip asking for permission to go deeper into my mouth. I kept my lips shut tightly.

"Playing hard to get are we?" Harry asked leaning back and raising his eyebrow. I just nodded. He started tickling me all over my body.

"Stop! Stop!" I managed to scream inbetween laughing.

"Well then are you going to let me?" He asked laughing at me.

"Yes! Ok, fine!" I shouted.

His lips smashed against mine. He bit my lip again and this time i let him in. Our tongues explored eachothers mouths for a few minutes. We carried on snogging passionatly. His hands moved to my waist and my fingers were deep into his curls. He reached under my pyjama too and started to massage my boob. I slid my hands up his t-shirt feeling his body. My legs wrapped around his waist and he tore off my t-shirt. I then did the same to his so we were both topless. He un strapped me bra and pulled off my pyjama shorts. I pushed him onto his back and started to pull down his pyjama bottoms. Then i pulled down his boxers and held his length in my hand. I started to kiss it and then put it in my mouth. I curled my tongue around the tip and started to deep throat. He moaned loudly and gripped onto the bed sheets.

"Fuck" he moaned. "Your so good." He said followed by another long, loud moan.

"Baby stop. Stop before i cum!!" He shouted moaning again and gripping the bed sheets so they almost ripped.

I pushed him to the max before stopping. He lay on the bed panting and still letting out little moans.

"Fuck your good baby." He whispered still panting for breath. "But now for your turn" he winked and spun me over so i was on my back and he was on top of me. He kissed and sucked my neck making me moan. He moved all the way down my neck, along my chest area and down to my stomach. He inserted he length inside me and started to thrust slowly. Then he gained speed and was thrusting hard and fast. He grabbed both of my legs and held them up in the air. He started to grind against me while still inside me making us both moan loudly.

"Oh god baby." I panted.

"I know" he replied also panting for breath.

He began thrusting harder and faster making the pleasure double for both of us. Screams of pleasure came from both of us until we eventually climaxed and both let out loud moans.

Harry lay next to me. We were both trying to catch our breath. He put his arm around me and i lay on his chest tracing his tattoos. We lay silent for about ten minutes before we spoke.

"Baby, you know your amazing and i love you so much!" Harry explained to me kissing the top of my head.

"Aww, your the most amazing person ive ever met. And i love you too Harry." I replied. We both shared a kiss.

"But im getting in the shower first!" I jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

"Whatever you say baby!" I heard Harry shout.

I put my back against the door and smiled. I was so lucky to have Harry. He's the true love of my life.

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