The glass bender

A Russian girl controls all glass. She struggles with a prophecy and trying to control her power.


2. epilogue

The girl Natasha sat crying in the bottom of her bubble. All the sudden the glass shattered she dropped for a second and then hit hard glass she looked disappointed.

But only momentarily. Then she tensed up and that glass bubble broke, each time one broke the next was a bit bigger eventually she realized that she couldn't get out that way. She sagged to the floor defeated and deflated.

She picked up a piece of glass from one of the broken bubbles and started to change its shape. It morphed into a cat she seemed surprised and then that cat meowed and rolled on its back. She laughed and made another. The she made a falcon, and all sorts of different hawks. Her eyes sparkled. She made a pack of wolves. Then she made a stream of molten glass. And put frogs and fish and turtles in it.

Then she picked up an odd shaped piece and peered at it concentrating. Then she smiled and made it into a fairy. She touched the fairy and the fairy's wings turned ice blue, her dress turned sea blue and her skin turned white with rosy cheeks.

"Hi" said the fairy "My names fable." Natasha laughed delighted.

She made a male fairy its wing were the same color as the females but its shirt was green and its pants brown.

"Hello," it said "My names Leaf, you make me!"

She made all the animals different colors. One of the cats was black and the other orange and white. The wolves were black, gray, brown, and white the sight of the white one she dash tears from her eyes. She looked at the hawks they turned brown with a hint of purple and golden eyes.

She started making houses in the very center of the humongous bubble she make a beautiful palace of glass.

When Hawk died many years later he found himself in a world of glass. And the two lived forever in that glass world. A glass bender and a white wolf living in a glass world with glass animals and wolves.

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