Tricksters Angel

Supernatural FanFic


1. Chapter One

 I read the information and gasped with shock, the information sunk deep into my brain. I panicked as the door creaked, so I swiftly turned; knocking over a pot of ink. The ink spread across the page within seconds. As the information had been stained; well hidden, it was more like a secret. I was the only one who knew this, except from the person who had written this down. I could only imagine what powerful yet dangerous information I had just read. Gabriel...wasn't human. He was an Archangel. I had revived a letter from him and I was hiding in the dark, large reading room of a old, rundown, historical building I had visited as a child. So many memories blossomed in the binding of these very books. And now a new one has. I knew I had seen him once before but...I only thought that was of a dream perhaps. But he is older then angels them selves. 

        I am an Archangel. Created by god before any angels were. I am one of the four Archangels created. I lived in heaven until Michael and Lucifer's constant arguing and fighting over the creation of humanity caused me to seek refuge here on Earth. Then I met you and fell in love. Addison I am sorry I couldn't tell you this in person. 
Your Angel Gabriel

The letter read before I spilled the thick black ink upon it's beautiful cursive writing and Gabriel's initials in bedded into it's scarlet red wax seal.
        Suddenly a tall dark figure appeared behind me. It was Michael.

"Aw. So he told you?' He asked me with shallow eyes.
"And if he did?" I demanded, holding my ground.
"I'll have to kill him." Michael smirked."But I have a question."
"What do you want?" I asked.
"How the HELL did you fall in love with....THAT?"

"I.....I never said I did." On the inside my heart was screaming. Of course I loved Gabriel. How couldn't I? I have since I first met him. I don't care what he is...Yes he is a trickster but I love him.

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