Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


9. Chapter 9

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''What's wrong Lis?''Sarah questioned me as I was dead silent during dinner.

''Nothing.''I simply replied, looking at the food in front of me. I hadn't taken one bite from it.

''Did something happen with Ryan?''She continued, not letting me be.

''No.''I answered, my so called dad still in my thoughts.

''Something must have happened, your'e never this quiet.''She spoke, taking her dishes to the sink.

''It's dad.''I said, barely counted as a whisper though.

''What?''She asked, her face going pale in a second.

''He's here. Across our damn street.''I talked, getting even more angry.

''God, he has some nerves.''She sighed, tiredness and anger heard in her voice.

I was silent, just wanting to dissapear.

''I'm gonna go upstairs.''I exclaimed and walked upstairs, closing my curtains, because I didn't want to see his ugly face again.


Ryan's POV:


I couldn't do anything, the worry I had over Lisa was too distracting. I had texted her, called her a million times. She didn't reply to any of them, and it made me even more worried. What if something happened to her?

I finally decided to call her aunt Sarah. She had given me her number just in case if Lisa had a panic attack somewhere and she had to know.


''Hello?''Sarah asked.

''It's Ryan.''

''Oh, Hi Ryan.''

''Can you please tell me what's up with Lisa? Did something happen?''

''Wait, you don't know?'''

''Know what?''I felt my heart beating against my chest, if something had happened to her I wouldn't forgive myself.

''Her dad has moved across our house, I thought you knew.''

''What?'' Her dad. The bastard who had left her and her mom alone.

''She didn't eat a bite of food today, and was dead quiet at dinner. I practically had to push the information out of her.''She talked, my heart aching.

''Can you please tell Lisa to call me?''


''Thank you, bye.''



Lisa's POV:


The sunlight stared into my eyes from the curtains that were still in place from yesterday. I still remember the sight perfectly. I was replaced, like a old phone that just stopped working. I had convinced myself crying wouldn't help, but just to know he could walk past me in the food store made me feel uncomfortable.

I got out of bed and put my clothes on. I had just been happy and now he comes. Why couldn't I just be happy for more than 3 weeks?

I sighed as I walked downstairs, tiredness taking over my whole body. I couldn't be tired, I had school today.

''Ryan called yesterday,''Sarah talked as I took a bite of my sandwhich.

I pretty much choked on my food.


''He was worried about you, Lis.''

''What did you say?''

''The truth?''

''God, I didn't answer any of his calls..I'm such a bitch.''I said, knowing it was the truth.

''Your'e not a bitch Lisa. He wanted you to call him, but you were already asleep when I wanted to tell you.''

''Today is gonna be a intresting day,''I mumbled, taking my bag.

''He really loves you, you know?''Sarah said, giving me a hug.

''I know.''

''Have a nice day.''

''You too,''I shut the door and there he was again. Shuffeling around with his kids, playing with them like he loves them. He probably does. He never loved me.

Ryan's black four weel drove up our driveway and my hands didn't stop shaking. It's like I was afraid of him. God , he was the last person I should be afraid of. He's Ryan,''I reminded myself, the boy who loves you more than anything.

I just stood there, my gaze locked on the man who had left me.

''Babe?''Ryan called from the car, opening his door.

Planet earth, Lisa!?

I opened the metal car door, the coldness of it shaking through my hands.

''I'm sorry, so sorry.''I said, looking into his hazelnut eyes, the ones that I knew would never leave me.

''Don't be,''He said, placing a kiss on my lips.


But I didn't know then, that hell was still waiting for me.

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