Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


8. Chapter 8

Lisa's POV:


I made my way outside, taking in the warm air. For once, I was happy. Me and Ryan were deeply, and i mean, deeply in love. He would cringe and put his arm around me if any boy even came to talk to me. Just the thought itself made me smile, he was so protective over me. Some times maybe a little too much.

''Hey Lisa,''a male voice , different than Ryan's spoke behind me.

I turned around and faced Cody, a member of the soccer team.

''Hey,''I smiled, trying to be polite.

''Can I sit here?''He questioned. Ryan was supposed to join me any minute, but I thought it would be okay. He didn't really look like a rapist, anyway.

''Sure,''I replied.

''So, have you ever considered joining the girl's soccer team?''He suprisingly asked.

''Not really,''I spoke, wrapping my sandwhich out of it's paper.

''You should, I've seen you play, you have good skills.''He smiled, looking directly into my eyes.

I could feel myself blushing.


Ryan's POV:


''Shut up!''Nathan pushed me plafully as we walked out of the school building. I laughed, but immiaditly stopped, as I saw some jerk ass guy talking to Lisa. My angel. She was mine. I cringed, wanting to kill him.

It seemed as Lisa didn't see me, they were having a pretty smily conversation and I could feel the jelousy grow stronger in me every step I took towards them.

''Hey,''Lisa smiled at me, placing a kiss on my lips, that made me shiver all around.

''Hey,''I replied, eyeing the guy in front of us.

''This is Cody, you know him right?''Lisa's angelic voice asked. I could see she saw the tension in me.

''Yeah.''I replied, trying to take myself together and not hit the bastard for talking to her.

''I better go, nice chatting to you.''Cody smiled directly in Lisa's eyes and I couldn't contain myself. I got up, but Lisa stopped me.

''Stop it Ryan. He's just a nice boy, what's wrong with that? Not everyone is a pervert here, you know. I'm gonna go eat lunch with Kelly,''She spoke , anger heard in her voice.

''Babe-''I started, but she already walked away, her raspberry smelling hair blowing in the wind. Great. I had pissed her off. What the fuck is wrong with me? Maybe Cody was really just being nice. But just the thought of somebody else smiling at Lisa like I do, made  my fists clench.


Lisa's POV:


He had really pissed me off. Cody was just being nice, and he wanted to beat him up straight away. God, why can't I even talk to another male without Ryan getting physical?

As the day came to an end, I went out of the building, towards the bus stop. I didn't want Ryan to take me home today, I would rather just walk.

''Baby,''His deep, male voice spoke behind me, and he wrapped his strong muscluar arms around me from behind. I was silent.

''I'm sorry,''He apologized. I turned around.

''It's okay. You really don't need to protecte me from every boy in the world, Ryan.''I chuckled, and he placed his soft moisture lips on mine.

''Can I take you home?''He asked, his lips still on mine.

''Sure,''I smiled, breaking the kiss and giving him a hug.

''I love you.''He grinned at me.

''I love you too.''




I finished my homework and looked at my wrists, convincing myself I couldn't do it again. Luckily, the days had been pretty chilly lately so I could wear long sleeve shirts, otherwise Ryan would find out. And I sure of hell didn't want that.

My phone did a sound, indicating I had received a text.


From: My boy xxx

Text: Could you come over and help me with my homework? I don't understand it :/ Please, baby? Love you xxxxxx

Reply: Of course, be there in 5. Love you too xxxx


I put my coat on, and went outside, locking the door behind me. Ryan's house was just 3 houses away from mine, so it wasn't a long walk. I finally made it to the front of his huge, I repeat HUGE house. I knocked on the door.


Ryan's POV:


I heard a knock downstairs, and smiled. I quickly went downstairs and opened the door, facing the most beautiful human being ever. Like, ever.

''Hey,''I smiled and kissed her lips.

''Hey.''She showed me her beautiful smile once again. We went upstairs and she helped me with my homework. I couldn't really concentrate though, she was too pretty not to stare.

I loved the way she blushed when I told her she was beautiful. Fact is, I loved everything about her. From tip to toe. I didn't even know a human being could be so perfect, until now.

She stood up from the bed , to get a pencil. She went over to my nightstand and her stare was locked out of the window, it's like she had freezed.

''You okay?''I asked, sitting up propely.

''Yeah, I'm sorry, I have to go.''She quickly said, practically sprinting out of my room. Did I do something wrong?

''What's wrong?''I followed her downstairs.

''N-nothing I just really need to go, I'm sorry.''She said and just like that, she was out of the door. Out of my reach. Just the thought itself upsetted me. Something clearly wasn't right with her, but she didn't want to talk about it either. I just decided to leave her alone, I didn't want to be too nosy.



Lisa's POV:


It was my dad. He was here. Just across Ryan's street. I couldn't control my legs as I ran to my house, not ever wanting to see his face again. Espesically, he had 2 small girls and a woman with him. Why the fuck did he have to move here? I was happy. I had found the love of my life and there he comes and ruins it.

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