Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


5. Chapter 5

''Make sure to give your'e papers to me tomorrow,''the teacher explained as the ball rang.

I shoved my books into my bag and stood up.

''God, I don't know how I'm gonna manage with that paper,''Ryan growled as we walked out of the classroom. I laughed.

''I'm sure you'll do just fine,''I assured him.

Then, Audrey and her so called ''gang'' stopped in front of us.

''Hey Ryan,''Audrey speaked, ignoring me.

''Hey,''Ryan answered.

''There's a party tonight at my house, you wanna come?''She asked, smiling at him. Was I..jelaous? No, he isn't even your'e boyfriend. But I still felt this unfamiliar feeling inside, that made me cringe whenever she smiled at him.

''Only if I can bring Lisa,''Ryan looked at me, his eyes glowing back at me.

''Bring whoever you want,''Audrey exclaimed.

''You want to come?''Ryan asked me, his gaze locked in my eyes. I hesitated. Big crowds and drunk people, not really my thing.

''I have this paper due tomorrow, I can't, sorry.''I said already seeing the happiness in Audrey's eyes that made me want to come so badly.

''Well, guess I'm not coming either then,''Ryan spoke.

''Wait, you two dating or something?''Audrey asked, eyeing us both like we were some sort of aliens or something.

Ryan coughed, I could feel the uncomfortabless in his voice.

''No,''I answered for him and saw Ryan's gaze lower, did I just dissapoint him?

''Then why can't Ryan come?''Audrey didn't stop questioning and I almost wished for the bell to ring.

''We have to go,''Ryan said for us both and we rushed away.


I sat in class, not paying any attention. My mind was stuck to Audrey and Ryan and what I had felt today. But suddenly my phone rang. I shoved through my bag, finally finding it. The class was dead quiet and everyone's gaze was on me. I would have just declined the call, but when I saw who it was from, I didn't.

''May I take this?''I asked, fear of my voice shaking.

''Be quick,''The english teacher answered and I rushed out of the class.


''Hi, is this Louisa Crossway's daughter?''An unfamiliar voice spoke, making my heart pound.

''Yes, why?''

''Your'e mom has gone into a critical position and isn't breathing on her own,''She said making my heart shatter into a million pieces. I felt tears run down my eyes.

''I'll be there as quick as I can,''I said, sobbing heard in my voice.

No , mom don't do this now. Don't leave me.

I practically stormed into the classroom, shoving my books into my bag.

''Where are you going miss Crossway?''The teacher questioned.

''I-I-I need to go,''I said, tears still running down my eyes.

''Lisa? Are you okay?''Ryan asked, standing up.

''I-I need to to go,''I somehow spoke sprinting away from the classroom, Ryan following me.

''Lisa!''He yelled, trying to catch up with me. When he finally did, he said:

''What's wrong?''

''It's my mom, ss-she''I didn't manage to say as I bawled in his arms.




The machines beeped in a steady motion, making me cry even more. Ryan was holding me, but it couldn't heal the ripping pain inside.

''Whenever your'e ready, just tell us and we'll turn off the machines,''The doctor said, writing something down in his binder.

''She c-can't be d-dead,''I almost whispered, tears blurring my vision.

But the truth was, she was. She slipped out of my arms that quickly and I didn't even notice it. The last minutes she had in this world, I spent with Audrey and at school. Who the fuck was I?

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