Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


4. Chapter 4

Lisa's POV:


I was still lightheaded from the kiss I had with Ryan. It was the best kiss I have ever expirienced, to be honest. Even thinking about it makes me get shivers down to my spine. Was I falling in love? Of course you were, you just kissed the guy. I went to bed , still smiling.


Ryan's POV:


I drew up front Lisa's house, remembering last night. Just the way our lips intwied with each other, I never wanted to break the kiss. I really wanted to be her's, and never leave. Hopefully, I can. As she closes the front door and grins at me , I eye her as usual beautiful outfit. She's wearing purple jeans, with flats and a top with a cardigan. God, the way she smiles...I would like to stare at it forever. She enters my car and I can't wait to hear her amazing voice once again. It was echoing in my head the whole night.

''Hey,''she grins.

''Hey,''I smile.

''Look, I just want you to know something,''She speaks, her head lowering.


''I really really like you.''

I'm dancing with happiness inside.

''But I don't want to rush things. I hope you understand,''She claims.

''I understand, completly,''I say quickly not wanting to give her a wrong impression.

''Thank you,''She grins.

I'm so happy that I can even take math at school. As long as she's in the room, I will be more than happy. God, I think I'm in love.



Lisa's POV:


I'm trying to concentrate on my work, but Ryan keeps distracting me. I feel his stare and I kind of want to say something to him, the other part of me just wants to smile. But my thoughts get interrupted by the loud noise coming from the speakers.

''All students must gather in the hall as soon as possible.''

My heart beats against my chest. I don't like crowds. The last time I went to an assembly was last year, in Louisana. I had a panic attack cause everyone was shoving to get out, therefore bumping into me.

I'm almost sure it will happen again. But in front of Ryan, please no. I take a deep breath and try to think positive. I fail.

''Come on everyone,''the teacher talks as students get up and walk towards the door.

''You coming?''Ryan grins at me, and I hesitate. Should I play sick or just man up?

''Yeah,''I smile.

Help me God.


The assembly goes fairly well, Ryan taking my hand into his every once in a while. For a second I dare to guess I'm lucky, but when everyone starts shoving past me my luck turns.

I go pale, and can't breathe.

''Lisa? Are you okay?''Ryan asks, looking at me but my vision is blurred.

''I-I''I pant, looking around and panting for more air.

''Help, somebody!''Ryan shouts as I collapse in his arms.


I open my eyes, finding myself in a white, hospital room. It happened. I look to my right and see Aunt Sarah. On my left I see Ryan, his head in his arms and his hair all messed up. He looked kind of sexy, to be honest.

''You're awake,''Sarah says with a smile, though I know it's faked.

''I'm gonna go get some coffee,''she says as an excuse to leave me and Ryan alone.

She walks away, leaving an awkward situation in the room.

''I was so scared,''he almost whispers, breaking the deathful silence.

''I'm sorry for not telling you,''I say, looking into his eyes and wanting to cry. He had been crying, his eyes were red.

''Why didn't you?''He asks, not a glimpse of anger in his voice. He takes my hand into his, warm muscular one and waits for me to reply.

''I was scared you'd leave, like everyone else.''I speak, my voice still weak and my head pounding.

''I will never leave you Lisa, no matter what.''He confirms, looking directly into my eyes.

I grin up at him and want to kiss that perfect mouth, but I hold myself back. No need to rush things, as I had said.




Ryan's POV:


I still feel like shit for leaving the hospital. My parents insisted on me coming home for some stupid ass dinner with a bunch of small talk people. I had said no, but Lisa convinced me into going. If I would have known, I would have just told the teacher and not gone to the assembly.At least she's alive, I don't think I've ever been that scared.

I walk towards my house and already feel the misery from not being with Lisa. It's like I can't let go of her. Kind of a bad thing, right? I open the door and the conversations are interrupted.

''Ryan,''my mother says, looking at me from the dinner table.

I eye the people in our house. Just a bunch of mom's work people who need to impressed. The usual.

''Where have you been?''She doesn't stop talking.

''I was at the hospital,''I speak and her face changes immidiatly.

''Did something happen? You look like you've been crying,''She says, everyone still looking at us.

''Can we like, not talk here?''I awkwardly say and everyone changes their gaze.

My mom gets up and walks towards me, saying something to the guests that I don't understand. Probably because my thoughts still remain on Lisa and what had happened.

She eyes me with a look saying, Talk to me.

''It's Lisa okay , she collapsed at school.''I say gulping down the burning tears from even thinking about it.

''Is she okay?''

''Yeah, I have homework to do.''I lie and dissapear upstairs.


Lisa's POV:


I look up at the celing and feel a coldness in me that only Ryan can replace.

''Lis?''Sarah asks, disturbing my thoughts.


''Your'e mom wants to talk to you,''she hands me the phone.

''Lisa?''She asks, as I hear the pain in her voice.


''Are you okay?''She panicks.

''I'm fine.''

''What happened?''

I gulp, the image of Ryan shouting for help appearing in my mind.

''Just the school assembly.''

''Are you taking your'e meds?''

''Yes, mom.''

''I wish I could be there.''

''It's not your'e fault.''

''I love you Lisa.''

''Love you too.''



I fall asleep, Ryan still in my mind. I think him.



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