Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

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30. Chapter 30

 Hey guys! First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads this story.  It literally JUST got 400 reads and now it has 455! You all are amazing! Please let me know what you think, too! I love you all lots! xx Next chapter will be up some time next week or saturday!


Lisa's POV:

I had a week of rehab left, before I could start to live my normal life. I was so glad I came here, I was transferring into a complete different person than I was. I didn't think about Ryan that much anymore, I think I've finally moved in. I do still love him, I think I will never be able not to love him. I'm quite sure that he's moved on, too. I'm glad and I want him to live a happy life.


It was probaby going to be hard to leave Eva, though. We promised to still stay in touch. Eva has been a really amazing friend and has helped me so much. I hope I've done the same thing to her. I started to pack my suitcase, cause I only had a couple of more days in here before I would go home. I was beyond excited to see Sarah and go back home.

As I continued to pack some of my shirts into my suitcase, I heard Eva come in. She sighed, and sat down on the beadspread beside me.

''I'm gonna miss you,''She spoke quietly.

''I'm gonna miss you too.''

''You have to come and visit me in New York some time,''She suggested, and tried to smile, but failed miserably.

''I will.''I smiled and gave her a hug.


Ryan's POV:


The daylight shined fiercly into my bedroom and I streched, after getting out of bed. I was doing much better. I've finally been able to get Lisa out of my thoughts, I still thought about her, but not that much. I still loved her too, no doubt. But I didn't spend countless hours just frustrating over what to do with my life, anymore. I finally managed to get on with my life, thank God.

I haven't been in another relationship yet, though. I still thought it was too early for that, but I'm sure I'll get there.

''Ryan, get up! Breakfast is ready!''Mom called from downstairs, and I quickly changed into some sweatpants and a v-neck. To be honest I know mom's happy I've moved on, too. She doesn't need to worry about me anymore.

I walked to the table and seated myself, and began eating my bacon and eggs, which were amazing.

''So Ryan, were are you planning on going to college?''My dad questioned, and I was taken back by his question.

''I haven't even thought of that yet,''I admitted quietly, staring at my empty plate.

''It's time to get thinking, son. Summer goes by fast,''He chuckled and took his plate to the sink. I really should find a proper college to go, with my exams results I don't think I'll do the best but I still have to find something. I sighed.


Lisa's POV:


I wheeled my suitcase outside, and Eva walked slowly behind me. It was really hard leaving her ; we'd developed an amazing friendships in the months we've been here. I saw Sarah's car drive into the parking lot, and I turned to face a teary-eyed Eva.

I didn't speak, I just hugged her, and we both cried.

''You have to come and see me, okay?''She chuckled, and we pulled apart.

''I will, I promise. You're always welcomed in my house, too.''I smiled and felt tears prick at my eyes.

''Thank you for everything, Lis. I couldn't have wished for a better roommate and friend than you,''She spoke and her eyes filled with tears once again.

''Thank you, too. You've helped me so much.''I thanked her before we pulled into our last embrance before I opened the car door, and waved Eva goodbye.

I gave Sarah a huge hug and we began the long ride home, that would be filled with my experience.

When we finally arrived home, I sprinted out and opened the door, taking in the amazing scent of my home. It was filled with a certain smell, that I would not be able to explain. It just felt like home. It felt like it was where I belonged. I ran up the stairs like a five year old, but in all honesty, I didn't care. I fell on my bed and heard Sarah laugh from downstairs.

I rushed to the living room, and Sarah chuckled.

''Feels good to be home, doesn't it?''She asked, while hanging her keys on a hook.

''Very,''I laughed. I couldn't wait to meet up with Kelly again, and I quickly texted her.

Hey girl! I'm back, want to meet up today? I've missed you so much!!

As I waited for her to reply, I took my suitcase up into the familiar room that stood exactly the same, as I'd left it. It had a purple beadspread and a few pillows decorating the bed. The blinds were a cream color and the walls were white with small purple flowers decorating it. In the corner I had a table, and my macbook pro stood ontop of it. Underneath the table there was a black leather chair. I had pictures of me and my friends all over my room and I loved it. I had a white baggy chair that stood in the other corner of my room. It all felt like home and much different to the room I'd had in rehab.

I felt my phone vibrate against the bedspread.

I've missed you too, Lisa!! Yes, could we meet up in 15 minutes at the diner?

I smiled at her words.

Of course, see you then!

I changed into a pair of blue jeans along with a tank top. I found some light blue converse to wear, and I pulled my hair into a ponytail which I styled with a bandana headband.

I told Sarah where I was going and I drove there with Sarah's car that she'd let me use. I couldn't get to the diner, sooner. As I parked my car, I already saw the familar pair of blue eyes sitting by the window. I walked into the diner and gave her the biggest hug I could.

''I've missed you so much!''She smiled with excitment as she finally was able to see me after several months.

''I've missed you too,''I grinned and sat opposite her.

''So, how have you been?''She inquiered.

''I've been great, I went to rehab and got out today. I couldn't feel better,''I giggled as my eyes traced the foods lined on the menu. Everything seemed amazing.

''I'm glad,''She smiled.

''How about you?''

''I've been good, I got into St.Main college,''She grinned.

''That's amazing, congratulations!''


''Are you still dating Nathan?''I asked, careful of the subject.

''Yeah.''She replied simply, but I could sense in her being that something was off.

''Is everything okay between you two?''I asked carefully.

''I don't know. He's been flirting with other girls and whenever I say I don't like it, he gets off with me and blames me for everything,''She sighed.

''What a douche,''I replied, and finally decided on what I was taking. The waiter came and we ordered, and with a glimpse of her white pearls, she dissapeared into the kitchen, promising the food would be out soon.

''I know. Speaking of that, what happened between you and Ryan? Last time I saw you, you guys were inseprable,''She chuckled and I immediatly stiffened at her question. I still remember his eyes, full of sadness, when I told him to let me go.

''Um, I was in a really bad place and couldn't really handle a boyfriend,''I tried to take a long story into one sentance.

''Oh, I see.''

The rest of the day was filled with catching up and I finally felt better then I have in months.


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