Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


3. Chapter 3

Lisa's POV:


''Have a nice day at school,''Aunt Sarah wished me as she put her boots on.

''Thanks, you too.''

''See you later, bye!''


Ryan has been picking me up every morning and giving me a ride home every day also. He was so sweet and thankfully he hasn't asked anything about me, other than my age and my name. I am planning on finally telling him today, on Well, he asked me out yesterday. I was flattered and agreed, of course.

As I put my converse on, I saw Ryan's car drive in front and I grinned. It had been hard like hell for me and he had just kind of made it better. I walked towards the car and opened the door.

''Hey,''He grinned and looked into my eyes for a second. I saw him blush and stare away.

''Hey,''I smiled back, putting my seatbelt on.

''Finally friday,''He talks as he starts driving.

''Yeah, finally.''I sigh as I look out of the window.


Ryan's POV:


The way she smiled at me in the car this morning, I almost lost it. I almost crashed my lips onto hers, but feared she would be shocked and leave. So I held it in. What's kind of weird is that she hasn't said a word about her family or her life, we've been hanging out for a week now. But I guess she just doesn't want to or has her own reasons. God, I think I'm really falling for this girl. Like, hardcore. All the other girlfriends I've had haven't even been that special to me. I wasn't bothered if they hang out with other guys, but now I want Lisa just to be mine.

As we make our way to the lunch table together, I can't help but stare into her beautiful pearl blue eyes. God, I can't even. It's like they're made of stars or something. Cheesy, I know. We sit down and she starts eating, I watch her for a second and then do the same.

''Nathan is not holding anything back,''I say as I eye the couple, Nathan and Kelly. Kelly is the head cheerleader.

''Kind of gross, don't you think?''She asks as she eyes the couple the same way as I.

''Very,''I agree.

The couple walks towards us, probably noticing us watching them.

''How you doing?''Nathan asks as he places a arm around Kelly. I wish I could do the same to Lisa. Hopefully some day I can.

''Good, and you? Oh wait, don't even answer that.''I smirk and Lisa tries to hide her laughter.

''Fuck off man!''Nathan pushes me his face turning into a smirk as Kelly sits down next to Lisa.

''Sorry,''I laugh trying to eat my food.


Lisa's POV:


I'm nervous. So nervous and I don't even know why. It's Ryan, the guy you've been hanging out for the past week, remember? I say in my mind. I finally choose to wear a red skaterskirt and a matching top with red flats. I curl my hair and do my makeup.

As I say my goodbye's to Sarah, I already hear his car pull up. All of a sudden my hand start shaking. Don't do this now, please. I repeat to myself. Not on my first date with him. I can't have a panicattack and just scare him away.

I close the door and get inside the car.

''Wow, you look so beautiful,''He compliments me as he eyes me from tip to toe. I feel my face going red.

''Thank you,''I smile and hope that I can finally tell him about my life tonight.


''Here you go,''the waiter speaks as he hands us our foods.

''Thank you,''I don't forget to be polite.

After a while of talking, he finally asks. I'm glad he does so.

''So, what's your family like?''

I take a deep breath and try to stop my hands from shaking. You can do this, you have to do this.

''My dad left me and my mom when I was 5 and my mom has cancer,''I somehow manage to say with a shaky voice, as I eye the empty plate in front of me.

''I'm so sorry, I didn't know-''He starts.

''It's okay, it's not your fault. That's why I haven't told you anything about my life, it's just been to hard, you know? Espesically with the news that my mom only has 2 weeks to live,''I choke the hot tears down my throat, them trying to escape ever so badly.

''I'm so sorry Lisa,''he says placing his hand on mine.

''It's okay,''I assure him and give him a smile, a single tear rolling down my cheek.



Ryan's POV:

I'm such a dick. I made Lisa cry on our first date and still feel shit about it. If i would have known what she's going through, I would've never opened my stupid mouth. God, her mom is going to die soon and she doesn't even have a dad. And here am I, complaining I have to move alot. Bastard. As I park the car in the driveway, quietness floats over the car. Finally , she opens her car door and me doing the same.

''I'm sorry again,''I apologize as I make my way towards the beautiful human being.

''It's really okay Ryan, don't apologize,''She smiles and I love the way my name sounds on her lips. I need to kiss her. Like now.

As we walk towards her door, I say to myself I'm going to do it.

''I had a really nice time, thank you.''She grins up at me and I melt. At the spot. Literally.

''No, thank you for coming,''I grin and she smiles. I think she knows what's coming, but she doesn't protest. I lean my head in and our lips touch, just the way they do makes me shiver. God, I need this girl to be mine. Forever.


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