Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

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29. Chapter 29

Hey everyone, before you start reading, please read this! This might be the last chapter for a while, at least for the week. I'll try and see if I can write on next tuesday or wednesday, but I'm not really sure when the next chapter will be up. Because of that, I'm writing a longer one today to pay off the decline that will be waiting you alll! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 300 READS :) You all mean everything to me!



Ryan's POV:


When Blake, the guy who had raped Lisa, left the house, I was left with Jake all alone. I was so confused and angry, at why he was here. He asked Lisa money, and I knew she gave him some. So why the fuck was he here?

''Ryan..''He started, and sat down on a stool in front of me, his face implacted a feature of tiredness.

''What the fuck, Jake?''I cursed.

He sighed, and buried his head into his hands.

''It's complicated, I didn't want this. Blake manipulated me, and told me if I didn't bring him money, he would kill my whole family and leave me alive. I couldn't live with myself if I would have let that happen.''He spoke, and I realized he'd been tricking Lisa the whole time.

''So, you lied to Lisa, just to get the money?''I asked, furious.

''I had to, I didn't have a chance. I was friends with him in high school, but when I cut things off with him, he didn't agree.''

''Why the fuck did you choose Lisa, then? Do you even have an idea what that bastard did to her?''

''Yeah, and I wish I would have had another chance. But she was the only person I could ask money for. Blake is a bad person, but when you start hanging out with him, then you won't get rid of him ever again.''

I just looked away from him.

''Ryan, I can help you,''He suprisingly talked, and I shot my head towards him.

''What do you mean?''

''I can help you exape. Blake will kill me, but you don't deserve this. He'll be back soon, so we have to do this quickly.''He spoke, before standing up.

''Why would you help me?''

''Cause I know you're a good guy.''

He began to untie me, and the pain my wrists and feet were experiencing immediatly stopped, and I felt relieved.

I stood up, but I felt a pain instantly shot through my head, which made me balance myself.

''You okay?''

''Um, yeah.''I said, trying to get my vision focused.

''We have to be quick, before he sees us.''He talked, and we quickly went out of the disgusting house, and I spotted a car in the distance.

When we finally made it to the car, I felt myself slowly dozing away, the pain getting the best of me.

''Ryan? Ryan! Fuck!''I heard Jake curse, before everything went black.



Lisa's POV:



The sun began to rise, and shine into my orbs, which made me open them.

I glanced around myself and saw the bathroom light turned on and the door open. I could hear water running.

''Eva?''I called with my sleepy voice, and got up.

''Yeah?''Her voice echoed from the bathroom, and I stood up.

''What time is it?''

''Almost nine,''She replied, still leaving herself hidden.

''What are you doing up so early?''I asked, and threw my robe on, feeling the coldness making its way to my skin.

''I couldn't sleep, so I thought I might as well get up,''She chuckled slightly.


I had a rape support groupe meeting today, which was held in one of the open rooms in the rehab, when rape victims would gather every wednesday. To be honest, I was quite scared to admit what had actually happened to me, when the only person I'd told was Ryan. I was trying desperatly to get my mind off him, and in some ways it was working. The rehab kept me occupied, and my therapy was going great. I think I'm finally moving on, which I knew was best for me.

Eva would be attending the RSGM with me, cause she'd been a victim herself. As we made our way to the room, I felt myself getting more and more nervous with every step. I didn't even know if I could talk about it in front of all these strangers.

We seated ourselves and I took a glance of all of the people who were sharing the same experience with me. There were a lot of my aged girls, and at least 4 in their twenties or thirties. It was actually disgusting to think that there was so many horrible people in the world, who would do something so terrible to all of these innocent women and girls.

As the people shared their stories, I felt shivers run up my spine at the thought.

''Lisa? Would you like to go next?''Karin asked, the leader of the group.

''Um, okay. It was in middle school, when I was fifteen. It was my boyfriend at that time, Blake. I came home one day, and he wanted to come to my house. My mom was out at the time, she was a hard worker and usually always came home late. He came in, and before I knew it, he was kissing me and ripping off my clothes. I tried to stop him, but I couldn't. He was much stronger than me. He pulled at my hair whenever I screamed, and he taped my mouth. He tied my arms and legs, so I couldn't move. He did things to me, that..''I couldn't finish the sentance, cause all of the memories flooded back and I could see the day, the moment, when it all went down. I didn't even realize that I had tears running from my eyes when I spoke.

''That I wouldn't have seen in my worst nightmare.''I finished, and the tears began to blur my vision. I felt Eva squueze my hand.

''Thank you, I think that's all for tonight.''Karin finished the meeting.

We made our way to our room in complete silence, Eva didn't probably find the right words to say.

When I opened the door and she followed, we stood in a moment of silence, before she gave me a huge hug, and I cried into her sweater, feeling like everything I've ever been through was off my chest.


Ryan's POV:


I opened my eyes to a piercing light, that made me shut my eyes momentarily.

''Ryan?''I could hear my mom's voice.

I opened my orbs again, and faced a teary faced mother of mine.

''You scared me to death, Ryan!''

I felt it too hard to speak, so I held my lips together.

''How are you feeling?''The doctor asked, who had stepped in.

''Okay,''I answered, feeling my throat almost dry out.

''You had a serious head injury, but we were able to repair it. It was very serious though, we almost thought we'd lost you.''The doctor explained, and my mother put a hand on her mouth, and I could see tears running down her eyes.

''Can I have some water, please?''I asked, and my mom filled me a cup with water before handing it over to me. The liquid seemed like a breath of fresh air to my dry throat.

''You need to rest, so we'll be keeping you in for a week, before you can go home. No football for a month, though.''The doctor talked, and I sighed.

I looked out of the window, where thousands of skyscrapers stood. The only person I was thinking about was her.


Lisa's POV:


I rushed through multiple coridors, and I felt as my heart was going to burst into pieces. I finally saw Ryan's mom stand outside a room, sitting on the chair, her face in her hands as she held a cup of coffee. I slowed my walking as I made my way to her.

She looked up, and was suprised at the figure standing in front of her.

''Lisa, what are you doing here?''She asked, and stood up, her face full of tears.

''I heard about Ryan's accident, and came here as quickly as I could,''I explained.

''Lisa, I don't think this is a good idea-''

''Is he okay? Just tell me what happened and if he's okay.''I didn't want anything else, just the info that her head held.

''He's okay, but it was very close. I only know that a friend brought him here, and then he drove away when the doctors had gotten Ryan. That's all I know,''She explained and my heart ached of the thought of Ryan in pain.

''Thank you, can I ask you a favor?''I asked, really knowing that she would agree anyway.

''What is it?''

''Can you not tell Ryan I was here? He doesn't need to think about me right now, I just needed to know if he's okay.''

''Okay, I won't.''She promised, and I walked off, my heart still aching at the thought that Ryan was actually a few meters from me and I just escaped. I was afraid. I was afraid to face him again, afraid that it would hurt too much. I just wanted to know if he was alright, and now that I knew, I could go on.



Ryan's POV:


My mom came back in, and sat beside me.

''Are you okay, sweetie?''She asked me, and gave my hand a squeeze.

''I'm fine.''I asked her, careful about the subject.

''Yes honey?''

''Has Lisa, you know, came to see me or anything?''I wanted to know, that she still cared. That she hadn't moved on, and that she still loved me.

''I'm sorry, but she hasn't.''My mom looked into my eyes and I immediatly felt my heart shudder. She really didn't love me anymore, and has moved on. Maybe it was my time to do the same thing, I can't stay clinged on her forever.

I was glad when my mom left to bring me some stuff from home, cause I didn't want her to see the tears running down my eyes.


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