Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

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27. Chapter 27

Hey! I'm so sorry I haven't wrote in quite a long time. I've been really busy! :( Really wanted to write today, so I hope you enjoy and comment, aswell :)) Love you all!


Lisa's POV:


As I arrived to the rehab clinic, I waved Sarah goodbye before walking in. The interior was gorgeus. I walked up to the reception desk, where a mid aged woman sat, typing something into the computer before looking up at me. She had short brown hair and a few wrinkles stood in her features.

''Hello, how can I help you?''

''Um, I'm Lisa Crossway, I was sent here by my doctor, Doctor Naylor.''I explained.

''Oh, yes..''She said, and typed on her keyboard quickly.

''I'll show you to you're room,''She smiled and stood up.

I walked with her, holding my suitcase in one hand and my bag in the other.

She opened a room, and I could see the beautiful design. The sunflower wallpaper seemed a little too happy, considering this was a rehab. But I guess somebody needs to keep the positivity up. I couldn't even see a girl in the same room, when she walked up to us.

She had light blond hair, and a petite figure. She had green eyes, and I knew so much hurt was behind them, otherwise she wouldn't be here.

''Hey, I'm Eva. I'm going to be you're roommate,''She chuckled slightly and shook my hand.

''Nice to meet you, I'm Lisa.''I smiled.

''Get yourself settled in and you're first session is in 45 minutes, with Doctor Greene. I'll come and lead the way,''The lady who was still beside us spoke, before walking away, her heels clattering against the wooden floor.

I wheeled my suitcase in and closed the door behind me. Eva let out a sigh.

''So, why are you here?''She asked after I had taken my suitcase next to my bed.

''Um, I tried to kill myself, and I self harm,''I let the words out and tried not to choke on them.

The room was quiet for a moment, the air almost suffocating the sad atmosphere.

''How about you?''I finally asked, not willing to take anymore of the silence.

''Bulimia and anorexia,''She spoke, and I hadn't really noticed how skinny she was from her desise.

''How long have you been here?''I asked again, whilst I slowly started to unpack.

''For 2 weeks.''

''So, are the doctors any good here?''I chuckled lightly and she did the same.

''They are. Really.''

''I'm glad.''


Ryan's POV:


''And Ryan is best at chemistry,''My mom admired me to her work crowd, and honestly, I don't know how much more of it I could take. All the fake smiles, making me look like I was the best fucking person in the world when in reality I was worsest.

''He can also cook-''My mom started, but I was frankly tired of all her bull.

''Stop it, mom!''I said angrily and rose from my chair.

''Ryan, what are you doing?''She yelled-whispered when she walked over to me, closing the door which seperated the two rooms.

''I'm sick of you trying to impress people, mom! You make me look like I'm the star of the world, I'm the fucking opposite!''I tried not to yell, but I couldn't stop my voice from becoming higher.


''I'm going upstairs,''I mumbled and started to walk away, but my mother yanked my arm.

''I know you're still hurting over Lisa, but face it, Ryan. She left you and most likely isn't going to come back. It's time you realize that and don't snap at me just because you're hurting,''She talked, and I felt my blood boil under my skin.

''Don't you dare invlove Lisa into you're buisness!''I snapped, and angrily walked away.

I was hurting. A lot. A fucking lot. And I didn't know what to do. I needed her, but she didn't need me.


Lisa's POV:


I lied on the bed, tiredness taking over my body.

''Tell me,''Eva talked, and I sat up.

''Tell you what?''

''What happened. Spill.''

I knew I would have to tell her sooner or later, and she was a really nice girl anyway. Plus, she had alot of her own problems and could relate to me.

For ten minutes I talked, trying not to choke on my sobs as I did so. I still felt tears spilling from my eyes, and I knew it wasn't about what I'd gone through. It was because I had lost Ryan, and I made him go. I made him let me go, even though every part of me wanted him. And now, it was too late. I'd lost him forever, and that was what made my heart ache in an un-describable pain.


After I'd told her everything, it was her turn.

''I was bullied at school since I was twelve. I found the only way to express the pain was by eating as much as I could and then throw it all up. I did that for four years, until things got worse. I started getting dead threats and I was beaten up all the time. My parents weren't home most of the time, they are both doctors. So that continued until I started starving myself, and I blacked out one day. And well, here I am.''

I couldn't feel more sorry for her, but I knew people hated pity. I did. It made you feel even worse. I sighed and layed my head on the soft pillow, that seemed like heaven to my head.

''How did we get so fucked up, huh?''Eva chuckled.

Soon we fell into slumber, freeing my mind from it's buzzing for a good amount of time.


Ryan's POV:


I couldn't concentrate on anything. All I was ever thinking about was her. Every damn thing reminded me of her. I'd texted her a countless amount of times, but I hadn't gotten a reply to a single text. It drove me crazy, not knowing if she was okay or not.


So, the only way I could free myself from my worries, was to drink until I was drunk and enjoy every single bit. I'd invited a few of my friends, Chris, Cody, Jack and a few others to join me.

My parents would be going out for the night, so it was a perfect time to get away. I drove up to the bar, and walked in, already seeing some guys drunk and struggling to stand on their feet. I already saw that the guys were seated in a booth, and I slid in next to them.

''Ay, so what's going on?''Chris questioned, as he took a sip from his beer.

''I came here to get drunk, not to talk about my fucked up life.''

''Got ya.''Chris laughed along with the other boys. I ordered myself a tequila, and was beyond ready to suffocate my problems into the burning shot.


You think you've seen drama? You haven't seen anything yet! Hold you're breath until the next chapter, you guys have NO idea what I'm planning!

I'll try to get the next chapter up as soon as possible, hopefully some time next week or the weekend!


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