Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


24. Chapter 24

As promised, if this story reached 300 reads by today, I would write another chapter! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 304 READS; OH MY GAAAAASH! Love ya'll so much! xx


Lisa's POV:


As the daylight invaded the cream blindes of my bedroom, I slowly opened my eyes. It was finally saturday. I reached for my iphone and saw the time was 10 AM. So I got changed and washed my face. I walked downstairs, and saw Sarah had already started breakfast.

''Morning, Lis.''She smiled at me.


''Did you sleep well?''


I ate breakfast and heard my phone ring, making me jump.


''Hey, it's Jason.''

''Oh, hey.''

''I was wondering if you're free today?''

''Yeah, I am.''

''Awesome, could we meet up and I could show you around in town? Cause you're new, you know.''

''I'd love that.''

''Meet me at the beach in an hour.''



I dressed into some leggings and a tank top, it was may and really hot outside. I decided to straighten my hair, cause I loved it like that. I put some concealer on my wrists, to hide the scars. I didn't want to explain my self harm with a guy I barely even knew.

I headed out to the beach, and instantly felt myself getting nervous. I could see him on the beach, wearing a v-neck and jeans. I walked over to him.

''Hey,''He grinned.

''Hey.''I smiled back.

''You look gorgeus.''

I felt my cheeks going red.

''Thank you.''

''Well, where should we start?''


Ryan's POV:


I parked my car in front of my brother's, James's house. I needed to get away from the town, I just couldn't stop thinking about her and seeing her everywhere. James lived in a nearby town, so I decided to drive here for the weekend.

I knocked on his apartmen'ts door and the door instantly opened. James hadn't changed one bit from the last time I saw him. He still had the blond hair, blue eyes and tall figure, like me.

''Great to see you, bro.''He said as he gave me a hug.

''You too. Thanks for letting me stay.''

I took my suitcase into the apartment, me following.

''How are mom and dad?''He questioned.

''They're good.''

''How about you? You look different.''

''I, just, uh,''I couldn't find the right words.

''You can tell me.''

I sat down on the comfortable couch.

''Well, me and my girlfriend-ex, um, broke up.''I choked out, saying the words out loud.

''I'm sorry, what happened?''

''It's a long story,''I sighed.

''I have time,''James chuckled.

I explained everything to him, and it made the feeling easier. But not gone. I still missed her like fuck.

''God, I'm so sorry.''

''It's okay, I just can't stop thinking about her, and it's driving me insane.''

''Maybe you should drive to California and find her,''He suggested.

''Her aunt would probably kill me,''I sighed.

''Well, you obviously need her Ryan,''He spoke and I knew he was right.

''I just really can't think about this right now.''


Lisa's POV:


I erupted into laughter as Jason told me a hilarious joke. I hadn't laughed in God knows how long. Jason had showed me around the town, and I really enjoyed his company.

We reached the diner, and stepped in. We were both really hungry and Jason suggested that the diner was a great place to eat.

We sat in a booth, and I began to look through the menu. I realized Jason's eyes were sat on me.

''Why are you staring?''I chuckled.

''You're gorgeus, Lisa.''

My cheeks went red.

''Thank you.''

We ordered our food, and walked on the beach for a while, before sitting down on the warm sand.

''So, how about you're life?''Jason asked, and I felt myself immediatly stiffen.

You can do this.

''My life's complicated,''I admitted, looking at the ocean.

He chuckled.

''Everybody's life is.''

''My dad left me and my mom when I was five. My mom died 8 months ago and I live with my aunt.''I explained, and felt the burning tears sting in my eyes.

''I'm sorry,''He said quietly.

''It's okay.''

''So, have you had any boyfriends?''

I didn't want to talk about this. Fuck no. It still seemed too soon. And I didn't want to cry in front of him.

''Um, yeah.''

''What happened?'' This boy surely wanted to know alot.

''I don't really want to talk about it,''I spoke and choked the sobs down.

''It's okay, I'm sorry.''

I was silent and listened to the calming voice of the waves hitting the shore.


Ryan's POV:


''I'll be having a party tonight, if that's okay with you?''James questioned as he poured some soda for us.

''Of course.''

''Just a couple of friends will be coming,''James talked but I knew ''a couple'' ment at least 40.

I chuckled and looked at the TV, trying to get my mind off her.


''You enjoying it?''James asked, above the music.

''Yeah.''I said as I took a sip of my coke, and looked at the full apartment. There was at least 50 people here, if not more. I sat on the couch, and a girl sat next to me.

'''re James's brother?''She asked, her voice already a bit tipsy.

''Yeah, I am.''

''I'm Jessica,''She introduced herself, scooting closer to me.

''Um, nice to meet you.''I spoke and shifted closer to the edge of the couch, not wanting to be side-by side with her.

She shifted closer to me.

''You look really damn hansome in those pants, you know.''She whispered in my ear and I could smell the alchohol, which made me sit.

''Leave me the fuck alone, slut.''I cursed and stood up.

''You asshole!''She yelled, and ran off.

I needed some fresh air.


Hope you enjoyed this one! :) Maybe if I get more comments I'll write this week, not sure though yet :) Love ya'll xxxx

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