Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

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23. Chapter 23

Decided to write this chapter today too, cause my reads keep going higher and I thought you deserved another  chapter :) Stay fab, and enjoy!


Lisa's POV:


It was the 2nd of may, 2 weeks since I moved to California. I started school, and have 3 more exams ahead of me and then I'm free for the summer. I still miss Ryan, like hell. I still cry. I still cut. I may seem okay, but I'm not. Far from it, to be honest.

I had made one friend, Olivia. She had gorgeus long blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm suprised she didn't have a boyfriend. Well, she told me she didn't want a long-term relationship, so she was quite the party girl.

I had told only minimal things to her about my life. I had left Ryan and mom out, it just seemed to early to talk about them. I had just told her I'd moved here, and that I lived with my aunt. She hadn't asked much, either. Luckily.

I had ran into Jason a few times, he seemed like a nice guy.

I opened my math book and started to study, still hearing the sound of the ocean coming from my open window.


Ryan's POV:



Hell. That was the only way I could describe what I was feeling like right now. I felt like a piece of me left to California with her. Everything that I did, that I saw, reminded me of her. I'd tried to contact her, but my parents were controlling my every fucking move. I just needed to hold her, make sure she was okay. I wanted to hear her soft, angelic voice.

''Ryan! You're gonna be late!''Mom shouted from downstairs, and I quickly walked down.

''Have a nice day,''Mom wished me, but I just slammed the door in her face. I was still angry with her-them.

I drove to school, my car still smelling like her. A sweet scent of strawberries and oranges floated in my car, making me insane. I swear I couldn't stand one moment more without her.

I parked my car, and got out. School seemed like a fucking hell pit now, that I didn't have Lisa to look at class. The way she was so concentrated in class. I missed every fucking part of her, and I could literally see myself going crazy.

''Ryan?''Cody spoke behind me, and I wasn't even bothered to turn around. I don't care. I just want her.

''You okay?''He didn't leave it, and I knew I was going to snap soon.

''Just leave me alone,''I huffed.

''What's wrong?''

''I said, leave me alone!''I almost yelled, making everyone look at us.

''Geez, sorry.''


Lisa's POV:


''Lisa! I brought food!''Sarah called, and I closed my text-book. I finally finished studying, and walked downstairs.

''How was you're day?''She asked, placing the chinese takeout on the table.

''It was good.''I lied. Every where I went, every single fucking thing I did, reminded me of him. It was like he was a shadow, following me everywhere.

And I was still mad at Sarah. I hadn't forgave her. I just pretended cause I was too tired to argue again.

''I'm glad. I knew you needed a change.''

''I didn't need a change, Sarah. You forced me to come here.''

She sighed.

''I want what's best for you.''

''What's best for me is in Philadelphia, and you ripped that away from me.''

''No, he's bad for you Lisa.''

''He's the only damn person that cared how I was feeling.''

''That's not true, you know I cared.''

''No you didn't. You just cared about you're fucking work and didn't give a shit about me,''I was finally opening up and it felt like I couldn't stop.

''Stop it, Lisa. That isn't true and we both know it.''

''Whatever.''I huffed and grabbed my take-away box, dissapearing upstairs.




I headed towards the beach, the only place that I felt okay. I sat down on the sand, and looked at the gorgeus ocean in front of me. The calming sound of the waves could easily drift me off to sleep.

''Hey again,''I knew it was Jason who was speaking. I lifted my head, and faced him.

''Oh, um, hey.''I said awkwardly.

''You really like it on the beach, ay?''He questioned and sat beside me, sending nervous shivers down my spine. Why was I nervous?

''Yeah, it's so peacful.''I spoke, and there was a moment of silence, just the waves playing on the shore.

''I've always loved the beach too, that's why I decided to work here.''


''Yeah, and I like saving lives.''He chuckled, and I laughed.

''So, you're whole family moved here?''He questioned, and I tensed up. My muscles locked.

''No, uh, just my aunt and me.''I talked, wishing he wouldn't ask any more.


Thank you Lord in heaven.

''How about you?''I asked.

''I live in  a house nearby with a few of my friends,''He talked.

''Are you studying anywhere?''I questioned again.

''Not at the moment.''

I wondered what he thought with that, but I didn't ask anything more. I didn't want to be annoying.

''Well I better get back to work,''He smiled and got up. I stood up beside him.

''And I better get home,''I chuckled.

''It was nice talking to you, Lisa.''The way he said my name made my stomach turn.

''You too.''


If this story reaches 300 reads by tomorrow, I'll write another chapter, if I have time. :) LOVE YOU!

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