Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


2. Chapter 2

Ryan's POV:


''I know it's hard for you Ryan,''my mom speaks as she parks the car and I get out.

Moving from state to state every year, just finding your group of friends and then moving again. Bloody fucking hard, yeah.

I don't reply to her as I take my boxes into the new house. Mom says we will be staying here for atleast a year, I highly doubt it. You see, my mom has a job that involvs moving alot, whilst my dad is just going with us, he doesn't even search for a job beacause we will be moving away sooner or later.


''I already got you on the soccer team, you have practice at 2 today,''my mom tells me as I make my way down to our new huge kitchen to find something to eat.

''Okay,''I simply reply opening the fridge.

''Make some friends, see you soon.''she says and closes the door.

After I have eaten, I make my way outside and start walking towards the new school again. How many times have I changed schools? Too many to count.


''Hey man, I'm Nathan,''a boy with blonde hair introduces himself to me, as I put my new books in my locker.

''Hey, I'm Ryan,''I introduce myself.

''You on the soccer team?''he asks me.

''Yeah, practice at 2 today,right?''I ask, trying to find the books I need.

''Yeah, let me introduce you to a couple of my friends,''he says but a certain girl catches my eye. Her dark brown hair is flowing on her shoulders, and her eyes are a glowing blue. Her mouth is perfect and I already want to feel her lips on mine. She's carrying an armful of books and as she walks closer to me, I already want to kiss her straight on the lips. She's wearing a dark blue sweater and jeans, topped off with blue converse. She looks kind of sad.

''You coming man?''Nathan asks, as I obviously hadn't been paying attention.

''Just a second, I'll catch up,''I reply still not leaving my gaze off her perfect body.


I walk over to the girl, as she takes some books out of her locker.

''Hey,''I say and find myself nervous talking with her. When had I ever been nervous talking to a girl? Fuck, this girl has a huge effect on me.

''Hey,''she replies and looks at me, her eyes finding me.

''I'm Ryan,''I say giving my hand.

She shakes it. ''Lisa.''

Just the sound of her voice makes me shiver.

''What's your first class?''I ask, trying to not make my voice shake.

''Physics, you?''She smiles warmly at me and I think I couldn't even believe that a girl could have such a pretty smile. The way her mouth goes up, makes me shiver all around and makes me want to kiss that mouth even more. Taste her lips.

''I guess were in the same class then,''I try to laugh but I feel she catches my nervousness. Grow some fucking balls man.

As we approach the class, I just can't keep my eyes off her. It's like I'm addicted. To a human being. Is that even normal? I don't even care, the only thing I can think about during class is how her lips would taste on mine.


Lisa's POV:


Damn Ryan is hot. With his dark brown hair and shiny blue eyes, like mine, I can't help but not be attracted to him. I had never even had a decent boyfriend. One, who had raped me, and the other one cheated on me. But the way he came to talk to me, out of everyone, is so sweet. Even during class I feel his eyes on mine. I can't help but blush.


The whole day we talk to eachother and after many months, I finally have a friend again. Who knows, maybe one day more than that, but right now I'm just gonna stick to friends. He doesn't even make friends with anyone, other then Nathan and a few other guys he met. As I found out, he's new here and keeps moving. I just pray and wish he wouldn't ask about my life. Cause it's a hell more messed up than his.

Thankfully , he doesn't. When he leaves for practice and I leave for the bus, he gives me his number. And when he walks away, he turns around and gives me a heartwarming smile. A smile that could even make me light up. Just for a second, I feel like I don't have any worries. Like I'm finally able to breathe again. Just for a second. Then I remember everything and the dark cloud starts to float on me again. I drive the bus to the hospital.


''Hey Mom,''I smile as I enter her room.

''Hey sweetie,''she replies smiling, her face pale.

''How you doing?''I ask as I sit down beside her.

''Good, and you?''she asks, taking my hand into hers.

''Good,''I say and blush, thinking of Ryan.

''Do I see a boy involved?''she asks smiling at me wide. Even now, when she's been through so much, she still smiles at me other than crying of the news that you have 3 weeks to live.

''Yeah,''I grin.

''I'm glad you finally found someone,''she says, like she's relieved I won't be alone when she's...gone.

''We're just friends,''I speak, though I find myself wanting more than that.

She just grins up at me.



Ryan's POV:


As I walk towards our new home, I can't help but think of Lisa. The way she smiles at me, and talks to me like she is really intrested. Not the girls I have dated before, that just wanted sex from me. But she is different. I want to be able to hold her hand in mine, hold her when she's feeling sad and tell her that it's going to be okay. I had talked about my life for most of the day, and yet she hadn't said a word about her's. Maybe she doesn't want to. I sure of a hell know I won't push her. I want her. I want to be her's. I had to stop myself for everything I'm worth not to go and hug her and take in her scent, which I had already learned was a mix of strawberries and oranges. Perfect. She was perfect. I do as hell hope she will call me.


Lisa's POV:


I open my eyes to the bright sunlight shining through my curtains. My aunt, Sarah has been staying with me whilst mom is at the hospital. I can't complain, she is really nice, but will never replace my mom. Unfortunatly Sarah doesn't have any other family then us and my mom's parents, who live in Georgia. As I get ready for another day of school, aunt Sarah tries to find her car keys. She finally finds them and says goodbye and she's out. Just me and this old depressing house, still filled with mom's scent. I don't know how I will manage. Without her. I gulp the tears down and get my bag as I head out of the door.


Suddenly a car parks up the driveway and I see Ryan's cute face from the window. He waves at me and gestures for me to come in. I hesitate, but go in.

''Thought I'd offer you a ride,''he smiles as he starts driving.

''I could have taken the bus, you shouldn't have.''I reply, looking out of the window.

''It's a pleasure,''he says, looking into my eyes for a brief second. God, I could stare into those eyes forever.

''Thank you.''




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