Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


13. Chapter 13

Hey everyone! :) I have a day off tomorrow so I will be writing a longer chapter then, aswell :)

Ryan's POV:

I opened the front door, Lisa coming in behind me. We both stood there, frozen at the sight ahead of us.

''You brought Lisa,''my mother fake smiled, and stood up. There were a bunch of, again, work people here. It got so annoying.

She walked towards us and I squeezed Lisa's hand in mine.

''It's great to see you,''she grinned at Lisa who smiled back.

''You too.''She replied, never letting go of my hand.

''You can come and join us,have you eaten dinner?''She then asked. I glanced at Lisa, who smiled at me, reassuring that we could stay.

''No, I suppose we can.''I replied, though I'd much rather just snuggle up to Lis in front of the TV, feeling her soft embrance instead of trying to act you're best here. Hiding every single emotion you have with a long, fake smile. That was the least thing I wanted for my girl.

We made our way to the big dinner table.

''You don't have to do this,''I whispered into her ear, really meaning it.

''It's okay.''She smiled, and I wanted to kiss her so badly. What a shame that I couldn't.

''This is my son Ryan and his girlfriend Lisa,''my mom introduced us and it felt so good hearing the girlfriend word come out of her mouth. Nothing, nothing could ever break me and Lisa. We're forever, until infinity. I'm not letting her go, even if I have to fight for it. I love her so much, it's hard to put in words. Life without her just wouldn't be life at all.

We sat down and I could sense in Lisa's being, that she was nervous. I placed my hand on her thigh, and looked into her eyes. I smiled right into them, and she grinned back. Just the way her lips go up, makes me shiver.


Lisa's POV:


As the bright sunlight invaded the yellowish blindes of my room, I knew I had to wake up. Last night had been...intresting. I was bloody nervous and didn't really know how to react around all of the fancy people I was surrounded by. Well, at least I had my boy right beside me.

I rolled out of my bed and saw the time was 8 AM. Just the usual time I wake up. I have to say I couldn't wait for school to end, all the exams coming would probably just cause a breakdown on me. If I wanted to know something perfectly, I studied all damn night for it. That's why I was dreading the upcoming months.

I streched and changed. I brushed my hair through, and applied makeup onto my face. I grabbed my phone from my nighstand and turned off the lights in my room. I made my way downstairs, smelling the soft coffee smell all around the house. I always loved the smell of coffee-just not the taste of it.

''Morning,''aunt Sarah smiled at me, whilst pouring the steamy coffee into a mug.

''Morning,''I grinned back up at her, and opened the fridge.

I ate my breakfast and headed off for school, like the usual.


Ryan's POV:


As I walked back to the crowdy hallway, my eyes travelled in search of Lisa. But she was out of my sight. It made my whole body stiffen. I wanted to see her always, to protect anyone from hurting her. Or even touching her.

''Looking for Lisa?''I heard a female voice speak behind me.

I turned around and faced Audrey, her face turning into a smirk. God, I don't know what she had planned next. She had always tried to break me and Lisa up, but she just doesn't realize it. We're unbreakable. The crowd dissapeared into classrooms andI I was left there with her, the girl I disgust.

''None of you're buisness,'I snapped at her, just getting tired of her talking of Lisa like she was somekind of monster.

Before I knew it, she pressed me against the lockers and her disgusting lips brushed mine, I pushed her off with every stregth I had in me.

''What the fuck?''I yelled, swiping my mouth. I turned my face and I saw her. She had tears running down her eyes, and before I knew it she was running , to get away. From me.

''Lisa, wait!''I yelled, running , trying to catch her pace.

But she didn't stop, she just ran. I finally catched up with her.

''Baby,please, let me explai-''I started,but she cut me off.

''Don't touch me you asshole!''She yelled, shoving my arms away from her skin. She's right. I'm such a piece of dirt, I hurt her. One thing I promised, I swore never to do. What kind of lowlife bastard are you, Ryan Wood?

''It's not what you think! Plea-''I started again, but she spoke first.

''I should have never trusted you, fucking bastard! We're over!''She yelled, tears still running down from her eyes, that made me break. I wanted to hold her so badly and wipe those tears. But this time, they were because of me. I wanted to kill myself. Everything I have ever loved just slipped out of my hands.

Before I knew it, she run to the bus and I just wanted to explain, that I didn't even kiss Audrey. I was so angry at myself, I couldn't hold it back and kicked the trashcan on my left. How could have I possibly done this? I'm not letting her go, I just can't.


Lisa's POV:

Tears couldn't stop falling from my eyes as I closed my front door. How could he do this to me? All this time, he actually had a crush on Audrey. I can't believe I trusted him. He's nothing but a selfcentered asshole, who broke my heart. In a second, it shaddered into a million pieces. I let myself fall in love with him, I shouldn't have. He's just like everyone else. I thought he was different. That he really cared. He has some damn good lying skills.

I stumbled up to my room, when cries filled my pillow. I loved fucking much it hurt. Why did he have to do this to me? I couldn't stop my sobs, as the pain just grew worser every second.


My phone was overflooded with all the missed calls and messages from Ryan. Even taking his name into my mouth hurts. I gave everything to him. Myself. My life. He ruined it.

The front door opened and I knew by the sound of aunt Sarah's shoes, that it was her. Another crying girl to come home to.

''I brought some takeaway, I'm not bothered to cook today,''She talked from downstairs, her voice echoing in the pale walls of my room.

''Lisa?''She called. She had probably seen my bag and realized that I was home.  She slowly opened the door.

''Lisa? Are you okay?''She asked, sitting on the comforter that lied on my bed. I just shook my head from the pillow my head was burried into.

''What happened sweetie?''She softly asked, scootching closer to me.

I lifted my head from the pillow and her expression turning straightly.

''Me and Ryan broke up.''I choked out, the cutting knife in my heart even more painful.

''I'm sorry. What happened?''She questioned, after pulling me into a hug.

I didn't answer, cause I couldn't talk.

She just hugged me for minutes, just like Ryan used to do.




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