Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


11. Chapter 11

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''Lisa?''a female voice spoke above me. I slowly opened my eyes and for a second couldn't figure out who was facing me. But then I did. It was aunt Sarah.

''You can stay home today. I left you some food in the fridge,''She talked, though I wasn't really listening.

She sighed and walked out of the room.


Ryan's POV:


I drove up front Lisa's house,but suprisingly nobody was outside. Usually she was always out and waiting for me.

For my suprise, her aunt came out of the door. I opened my car door.

''Where's Lisa?''I questioned and she walked towards me.

When she was in front of me she said:

''She can't come to school today,''was the only reply I got.

''Why not?''I asked, not wanting to leave it like this.

''Her dad came yesterday and she, well, broke. She doesn't want to see anyone so I suggest you leave her alone for the time being. I'm sorry Ryan.''She told me and  I felt a pain in my chest that only Lisa could heal.

If I could just help her somehow...but I couldn't. I was nothing but a waste of space on this planet. If I couldn't even help my own girlfriend, then what was I?

I wanted to go to her room, hold her until she stops crying and make her feel okay. But I knew she needed some alone time.

As I drove to school, I couldn't stop thinking about my angel watering her eyes, all alone. Just the thought itself made me so angry and mad, at I don't even know who. Maybe her dad, or maybe just myself.


Lisa's POV:


I put my boots on and closed the door behind me. I crossed the road and walked until my eyes found his house. I checked under the ''Welcome'' matt for a spare house key, and I found it. I opened the door, my hands shaking heavily.

I looked at the crazily beautiful house they were all living in. Like a happy family.

Before I could control myself my hands were smashing everything I could see into a million pieces. I broke the TV, shoved all of the seats and tables out of their place and onto the floor. I just couldn't control anything I was doing. I was smashing the pictures of his new family onto the floor, that went into a million glass pieces.

I trashed their new home and didn't find myself feeling guilty about it. Before I knew it, tears rammed out of my eyes and my hand was covered in glass, which cut deeply.

''Baby?''a soft male voice spoke behind me. I knew who it was. The only person who ever called me baby was Ryan.


Ryan's POV:


The school day came to an end, though I hadn't paid any attention in class. My thoughts were stuck to Lisa and they didn't move. Maybe I didn't want them to move. I don't know. All I know is that when anyone tried to talk to me, I pushed them away and snapped at them. It's like nothing could heal it besides Lisa.

I started driving home, when I heard alot of noise coming from a house just a mile from Lisa's. The door was open and I knew who the person was making the noise straight away.

So I called for her and almost ran up to her and held her in my arms. Well, I wanted to do that. But I didn't wanna scare her.

She turned around and tears were occupying the beautiful angelic face of hers.

''Come here,''I said softly, my desire of holding her almost breaking me.

I wrapped my arms around her and for a moment she just let everything out on me. The cries that had been building up in her were all let free.

We broke apart and my eyes went wide when I saw what was in her hand.

''Oh god, we need to get you to the hospital!''I said, taking her hand into mine. It had glass in it which had cut really deeply and badly.

We drove to the hospital, my heart beating as fast as it ever could.


Lisa's POV:


''Here you go.''the nurse told me after she had wrapped my hand in.

The nurse left the room and me and Ryan were just left there.

''Why?''I said in a whisper, gazing the white floor.

''Why what?''He asked softly, taking my un-injured hand in his.

''Why do you want to be with me? I'm a fucked up mess,Ryan.''I said, still gazing at the pale looking floor under my feet.

''Because I love you, Lisa Crossway. I love you more than anything, I can love. Ever.''He said and before I could even smile, his lips crashed on mine.

''Lisa!''An hysteric voice said and me and Ryan broke apart, awkwarndness filling the already dull room.

''What happened?''Sarah asked as she gave me a hug.

''I lost it.''I said, admitting it to everyone who was listening. And to me.

''Are you okay?''She asked, gazing my hand that was placed in my lap.

''Yeah, I'm fine.''I replied, my eyes finding Ryan's. He smiled at me and I felt a sort of warmness in my heart I knew he could only do.

''Let's get you home,''aunt Sarah said and we started walking out of the room.

''Sarah?''I asked her, and she glanced back.


''Can I speak with Ryan for a moment? I'll see you in the car,''I asked.

''5 minutes,''she exclaimed and walked away.

I looked at the boy in front of me, the one who could always warm my heart.

''Thank you for everything,''I said, wrapping my arms around him and he doing the same around me.

''You don't need to thank me babe,''he said on the top of my head.

''I do. You really do help me, even if you say you don't. I love you Ryan.''I talked.

''I love you too baby. I love you too,''He said and placed a kiss on my lips, making me smile like a idiot.

He just does that to me , I guess.


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